Beauty & life lessons from MOM

Beauty & life lessons from MOM

Hello! I hope you’re doing great, to be honest with you I had a couple of down days in the last few weeks, those days where you’re tired of adulting, and all you want to do is run home and eat your mom’s food, like in the good old days.

So, I took inspiration from her and decided to share a couple of lessons she had taught me.

Prevention is key

My mother is the most organized and preventive person I know. Since my early teenage years, she always took the time to talk about the changes my body was going to experience, as we all pass through the amazing phase of puberty *eye roll*. She really insisted that I should start taking care of my face and body.

One of her tips was to incorporate sweet almond oil to my routine, to avoid getting stretch marks. She used to tell me that back when she was a teenager, she never had the opportunity to talk about these type of things with her mom, so she never got the chance to prevent them.

So, religiously morning and night I used to apply sweet almond oil (alone or mixed with body cream). Honestly, it worked! I’m not going to say I don’t have stretch marks anywhere because I do! I got very small and thin ones on my bum, but I never got them on my thighs, lower back or chest area.

I think having stretch marks is almost inevitable and completetly normal , I’m thankful that today they’re almost undetectable to the human eye (except in the hideous changing rooms, where the light has been created to maximize the appearance of un-existing flaws).

Recently I tested Kiehl’sCreme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil” among the ingredients we find: apricot oil, squalene, sesame seed oil, avocado oil, castor seed oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil & rosemary extract.

Photo credits Kiehl’s IG official account

The smell is very pleasant and I love how my skin feels after using it. What I love the most is that it made me remember my little oil ritual, I had tried the rest of the “Creme de Corps” range and if you have the chance I will highly suggest them too.


This is one is really hard for me, and I still can’t believe that my mother has been exercising at home even before my brother and I were born! She always encouraged me to practice any physical activity, but even today I find it hard to do it on a daily basis. Something that works for me is doing different courses at the gym, this way I feel motivated by other people and I have the chance to do different courses targeted to different places of my body!

Stay curious

One of our favorite activities together was to read magazines in the afternoons, at that time Instagram wasn’t the center of my universe, so I remember getting all my beauty knowledge and royals gossip from Hello! and Glamour.

You know I’m obsessed with discovering new launches especially when it comes to minimal makeup products or skincare.

My little update: For makeup, I’m particularly happy with the brand NudeStix (This brand was founded by a mother and her daughters), I talk about them quite frequently on my IG stories. For skincare, I’m enjoying the last month of my personalized Apothecary preparations oil-in serum also from Kiehl’s, I bought this serum when I was in Mexico City, back in September.

If you’re skincare junkie like me, you will love having your very own serum! It consists of a Skin Strengthening Concentrate + 2 targeted complexes (mine was targeted for clarity and enlarged pores) sadly the formula lasts only up to 6 months so I’m about to finish mine.

Read more about the serum here


Definitely, we can only get better at this with as we get older and get to experience life, but having a good examples always helps.

My mom has been married to a pilot for almost 30 years now, I never realize until now all the things she had to face alone on a daily basis. Take into consideration that not so long ago, we weren’t able to FaceTime people on the other side of the world and long distance calls where super expensive!

So, one of the qualities that I admire on my mom is how confident and strong she is, most of the times she faced sick children (or dog), adult stuff and everyday life on her own, and when my dad finally came back crisis was over (of course).

As you see confidence is not only for our appearance it’s also about our life choices and how we face difficult times.

Kind heart

No matter how much you try to change your makeup or your clothes, true beauty can only shine if we’re kind to others.

My mother is a very reserved woman, but she will be the first person to help out others, but something that I really love about her is her ability to show kindness to animals, and it is proven that people showing empathy to animals tend to be kind and compassionate beings, let’s take Schopenhauer statement as an example:

“Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality

The end! I hope you liked reading this type of posts they’re a little bit more personal, but as you see everything we do is connected.

what’s the best lesson your mom gave you?






Hola a todos! En este post les platico un poco sobre el day trip que hicimos a Ginebra hace una semana. Aprovechando la visita de mi hermano fuimos a turistear en la segunda ciudad más grande de Suiza! Les dejo también algunos tips para ahorrar ya que también es una de las más caras.

En lo personal me gusta muchisimo Ginebra, es grande, siempre hay algo que hacer! Ya tenía un rato que quería ir pero no tenía el tiempo, esta vez fuimos en sabado, el día nos recibió con lluvia, luego calor, luego viento! ????????‍♀️

Hello guys! Today I’ll share my day trip to Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland, my brother was visiting a couple of days and it was a perfect opportunity to check out the city! I’m also giving you some tips to earn a few francs since GVA is also an expensive city!


train tickets

Lo más  cómodo es moverte en tren, te recomiendo que bajes la aplicación de los trenes Suizos Mobile CFF. Desde ahí puedes checar todos los horarios y comprar los boletos. Los trenes suelen ser un poco caros, pero algunas veces encuentras los billets degriffes osea boletos réducidos de precio! (Los diferencias gracias al triangulo negro en la esquina izquierda).

Moving in train in Switzerland is super easy, I’ll advise you to download the official app for the trains Mobile CFF, from there you can check all the schedules and buy the tickets. Sometimes you can get the “billets degriffes” aka discounted tickets! (you recognize them in the app with the black triangle in the left corner)


Cuando llegamos, estuvimos caminando un rato sin rumbo definido, pero algo super útil si tienes acceso a internet es preguntar en Instagram stories o Facebook, siempre tendrás alguien que te recomiende algo, de verdad minutos despues recibí tantas opciones que me faltaban horas para poder hacerlo todo!

Gracias los DM’s de Insta nos fuimos directo a la parte antigua de Ginebra, en donde esta la catedral y tienes una vista super bonita del lago.

No teníamos ni idea que debajo de la Catedral de San Pedro (iglesia protestante) había ruinas romanas y hoy en día puedes visitarlas, como estaba empezando a llover fue una actividad perfecta. Las ruinas son muy grandes y tienes una audioguia que te explica toda la evolución de la catedral junto con la desarollo de la ciudad, amo este tipo de actividades por que soy super curiosa. Pero si quieres otro tipo de museo también me recomendaron el museo de reloj de Patek Philippe o el jardín botánico.

One big advice would be to ask on social media for any tips! you’ll be surprise of all the tips you can get, so don’t be shy! I got so many recommendations I didn’t have enough hours to do everything.

We decided to head towards the old city to visit the Cathedral you have a nice view of the city and the opportunity explore the hidden gems of the Cathedral. Underneath it, you can visit the remains of ancient Roman ruins! You get an audio guide that explains the whole evolution of the ruins and the development of the city, I love these type of visits but if you don’t, maybe the watch museum of Patek  Philippe or the Botanical Garden would be better option for you.


Algo super frustrante para mi son las horas de servicio en los restaurantes, la mayoría cierran su cocina a las 14:00 por que en Suiza la gente como a las 12:00, pero honestamente nunca me da hambre a esta hora. Por eso mis mejores amigos son los restaurantes con NON-STOP SERVICE.

Hace algunos meses se abrió el restaurante Black Tap donde puedes comer hamburguesas (veggie también) y sus famosas e instagrammables milkshakes (la de oreo esta buenísima), el precio esta bastante correcto según los estadares suizos y la verdad es que después de la hamburguesa y malteada necesitas una larga caminata en la orilla del lago.

Otras recomendaciones fueron: Izumi, restaurante japones en el rooftop del Four Seasons

I always struggle with the Swiss foodservice timing, their lunch hour is at 12:00 pm, but honestly, I can’t eat at 12 is just not possible for me, anyways thank God for the NON-STOP SERVICE places.

We ate at these new place called Black Tap, super hyped and Instagrammable worthy milkshakes and hamburgers (veggie option too), the price is alright for Swiss standards and after eating the whole plate and Oreo milkshake, we definitely needed a walk by the lakeside.

Other recommendations: Izumi, a Japanese restaurant at the Four Seasons rooftop. 


Después de caminar cerca del lago y por la Rue du Rhône (dónde estan todas las tiendad mas importantes) decidimos tomarnos un té en el Tea Room de Ladurée, todo el mundo conoce sus patisseries françaises, pero hay mucho mas que eso, prové su té verde (soy fan del té verde) y me gusto mucho, estuvimos un rato ahí platicando y tomando fuerzas para regresar a la estación del tren que esta al final de la misma calle.

Todo esto suena super cortito, pero en ningún momento tomamos un autobús o taxi así que terminamos haciendo unos cuantos kilómetros , espero que este post le haya dado algunas ideas de que hacer si deciden visitar Ginebra!

After walking for a while along the lakeside and window shopping at the Rue du Rhône (getting a heartbreak because I fell in love with a Dior dress) We decided to have some afternoon tea at Ladurée team room, famous for their french patisserie, they also do amazing tea blends. We chatted there for a while and recover energy to go back to the train station, that is actually just at the end of the same street.

I’m making these post short and sweet, but this day trip actually left of super tired and with many kilometers in our feet! 

Looking for a Geneva expert don’t forget to check out this amazing Geneva Blog ???????? LivinGeneva 

Or some cool vlogs here from my dear friend Salomé ???????? Im salome






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