#newlaunch Kiehl’s Calendula serum-infused water cream

#newlaunch Kiehl’s Calendula serum-infused water cream

Hello everyone, today I’m super excited to share this blog post about the new Kiehl’s Calendula serum-infused water cream! If you follow me on Instagram (@lecorbeaublancblog) maybe you saw a few stories about the event and a quick view of the Calendula range.

The afterwork took place at the Kiehl’s boutique in Globus (Lausanne), the whole store was decorated in beautiful orange and yellow flowers. To animate the evening and cheers us up (weather was a bit gray and gloomy) we had gorgeous flower crowns, fresh orange/ginger juice (white wine too) and Kiehl’s sales advisors and marketing team to explain all the details about the new Calendula member.

Before getting into more details, I’m just brefly going to describe what the Calendula range is all about.

Kiehl’s has been using Calendula since the 1960’s and this range of products is targeted for normal-to-oily skin. This flower, is often attributed to having calming and soothing properties, and is known to provide hydration while helping improve the skin barrier and overall skin quality.

Have I tried something from this range before? Yes, I have tried their alcohol-free toner and mask! The toner was super gentle and fresh on my skin, I was very surprise when I saw the actual calendula flower petals swimming round in the bottle. Right now I’m using their Cucumber Herbal alcohol free toner and I like it too.

For the mask, I bought it a few years ago while I was traveling. I thought it was a good idea to gave a travel size of the mask to help my skin recover some hydration after many hours in a plane. The consistency is like a thick gel and feels cooling and fresh. Actually this mask should be a great addition for any summer skin care routine! One of the girls at Kiehl’s suggested in having this mask in the fridge and use it after a hot day #brilliantidea.

So, Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream, What does that name even means?

Let’s start by water cream: “Water creams are lightweight, gel moisturizers with a unique formulation.” Indeed, the texture of this cream is very watery when you massage it into the skin and it absorbs pretty fast. This formulation was created to “house” the concentrated calendula serum.

The Calendula Serum: “Contains the highest concentrate of Calendula Flower Extract and hundreds of micronized Calendula petals. Thanks to these serum, this product claims that it will help skin resist early signs of aging including uneven texture, dullness, and dry fine lines.”

Full list of ingredientes here

I went to the Kiehl’s USA website (since the product has been released there for a bit longer) and most people claimed a positive note, mainly because of the lightweight texture. I’m excited to try this moisturizer and also be able to give my own feedback! I still have a couple of products to finish before I can actually start testing all the range together, but as soon as I start doing it, I’ll keep updating my results.

During the event, we where able to do a skin consultation, which I think is super important to do, people really need to know what type of skin they have before they buy ANY type of product. I have combination skin (oily t-zone but dryer cheeks) and my main concerns are to keep my skin hydrated and even-looking. This means the Calendula range suits me, YAY!

Mathieu did a little test on my skin, and as we can see I have normal to oily skin AKA combination.

After the event, Kiehl’s Switzerland very kindly gifted us, a couple of the Calendula range products. The cleanser, toner and of course the star of the night the serum-infused water cream!

A huge thank you toKiehl’s Switzerland team and EBPR agency for all your attentions.

Disclaimer: Products were kidly #gifted but this is article is NOT a paid collaboration.


Some of the photos belong to me, and other where taken from Kiehl’s social media.



Hello guys, today I wanted to write about a fashion style that I like a lot, the Preppy Style. This doesn’t mean that I dress like this everyday, but I like this type of outfits when I want to be dressed up for a special occasion and stay feminine.

A couple of days ago I attended an event in Geneva, the presentation of a new digital marketing agency, Reach Me Agency, and I was wearing this outfit.


Coucou! aujourd’hui j’aimerais partager un look avec un style que j’adore, le Preppy Style, c’est pas un style que j’utilise tous les jours, mais j’aime beaucoup quand il y a une occasion ou un événement en particulier et j’envie de rester féminine.

Il y a quelques jours, je suis allée à Genève, pour assister à la presentation un nouveau service dans le marketing digital, Reach me Agency, et j’ai porté ce look.

To start with the most statement piece and the one that screems “Preppy” vibes, is the long black cardigan with red/white details, and pearl buttons that I got from Zara. With a piece like this I really didn’t need much, I just paired it with a cute white lacey top, from H&M a couple of seasons ago.

For the jeans I went for a classic mid raise black skinny jeans from COS, seriously they’re the best black jeans I ever bought, the quality is amazing and the black doesn’t fade with time. I got them last year during the winter sales, for only 50 CHF, I haven’t even returned to buy more just because they still look great, but I’ll definitely advice you check them out.


Pour commencer avec la pièce qui fait le cri du preppy style, c’est ce pull noir avec les détails en rouge/blanc et les boutons en perles, de chez Zara. Avec cette pièce j’ai pas eu besoin de plus, j’ai juste mis un haut blanc avec détails en dentelle de chez H&M.

Pour le bas, mes jeans noirs préférés, en style skinny et taille mi-hauts, j’ai trouvé cette paire de jeans l’année passée dans les soldes de COS pour 50 CHF. Je vous conseille vivement d’aller voir leurs  jeans, si vous voulez des jeans de super bonne qualité, qui vont pas perdre leur couleur avec les temps. Je suis pas retournée chercher plus des paires, car mes jeans sont encore intactes.

For accesories I wore my new Gucci belt, I was eyeing this babe for a while, and originally I wanted the new classic GG black belt, but being 100% honest, I liked it but I was tired of seeing  this belt everywhere from Pinterest to Instagram. This time I choosed to buy something less “trendy”. I bought something that, yes is from Gucci, the brand thas has been killing it, but I don’t feel I’m wearing a uniform, and actually you really need to “zoom in” to see the logo.

To finish the outfit, I choose a paired of red vinyl  botties, They’re really confy to walk it, and I found they added a fun twist to the outfit.



Pour les accessoires j’ai mis ma nouvelle ceinture de Gucci, pour être 100% honnête au début je voulais la classique avec le nouveau logo GG, qui a une forme plus arrondie, mais même si elle est super, j’etais un peu fatiguée de la voir sur toutes les réseaux sociaux. Je voulais encore une ceinture de la marque qui est en train de tout déchirer avec leur superbes collections, mais je voulais pas avoir l’impression de porter un uniforme. Et même sûr celle que j’ai pris, le logo de la marque est super petit et toute la ceinture est super fine, et c’est justement ceux que je voulais.

Comme option des chaussures, j’ai mis des bottines en vinyl rouge aussi de chez Zara.

I hope I gave you some inspiration, and that if you liked something I mentioned they will soon incorporate your wardrobe. See you next week.


Et c’est tout pour aujourd’hui j’espère vous avoir donné un peu d’inspiration, et si vous avez aimé une pièce que j’ai mentionné, elle puisse vite venir dans vos armoires. à la semaine prochaine. 


All this pictures belong to lecorbeaublanc.com and were taken by us, except for the ones stated before toutes les images appartiennent à lecorbeaublanc.com et ils ont été pris par nous, sauf celles mentionnées avant.

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