Skincare review: Jumiso All Day Brightening & Balancing serum

Today I’m really excited to make the first k-beauty review on the blog. I’ve been sharing a lot of unboxings and new discoveries lately from different Korean brands on my IG account (@katia.lcb if you don’t follow me already) and today I decided to share my thoughts on the Jumiso “All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing” serum.

First of all, let’s talk about Jumiso as a brand. It’s a new brand for me and therefore the very first product I try from them. I bought this serum from Bazzaal, a curated monthly beauty boxes platform from Korea, full of K-beauty goodies. Their aim is to collaborate with influencers and propose a selection of products based on the influencers favorites.

The beauty box that I order back on May, was in collaboration with Jeniffer Harn, Aussie Youtuber based in Korea, so is thanks to this beauty box I was able to discover Jumiso brand.

Jumiso is an upcoming Korean brand, their core value is to “give smiles to their customers” and the brand name is actually derived from the Korean words 주 (ju), to give; and 미소 (miso), smile. Therefore their logo has a cute smiley face.

At the beginning I thought this was only a Vitamin C serum, and I kept referring to it as ONLY a Vitamin C serum, when actually it contains much more than that. Keep reading to find more about the ingredients, but if you don’t know much about vitamin C and its benefits, I highly suggest to first read my Skincare Guide: Vitamin C post here to understand more about my review.

Main Ingredients

  • 86.14% of Vitamin Tree extract, honestly I had no idea what type of extract they where talking about, but after some research I discovered that Vitamin Tree is the endearing name given to Sea Buckthorn trees, in Korean skincare because it’s full of vitamins. This means that the serum is not only composed by vitamin C, since the Vitamin Tree extract contains a complex of vitamins such as A, B, D, E & K too! Helping skin with brightening, soothing & elasticity.
Sea Buckthorn tree
  • Hyaluronic acid, as it is the optimum agent to supply moisture! I also have a Skincare Guide: Hyaluronic acid post here if you want to know more about this ingredient.
  • Centella Asiatica extract, to relieve inflammation and provide soothing properties, it also helps to revitalize your skin, and is perfect for those with sensitive skin too.
  • Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) flower extract, it vitalizes the skin, regulates excessive secretion of sebum and keeps the skin healthy and balanced.

Apparently the brand had launched a previous version of this serum in the past (that I never tested of course) but according to some clients feedback, they reformulated this serum and came out with this new version.

This serum promises: No heating sensation, that can sometimes occur when vitamin C is absorbed into the skin, super light texture non-oily vitamin serum and vitamin stability.

I agree with their 3 statements. This serum provides zero tingling sensation on my skin, is super light weight, absorbs fast, and since the formula has no water, this means the oxidation process doesn’t take place, and the serum has a longer shelf-life which is great. 

I only use this serum for the daytime, but you can also use it at night! The rest of my skincare products absorbs without problems, SPF and makeup too.

It was a pleasant discovery and I would recommend this product for people who are looking to protect their skin and also provide a subtle plumping and brightening benefit to their skin, (without any shine or oily look) and even to those who have a sensitive skin, that usually stay away from products with a high percentage of active ingredients, since this one is really gentle.

The price is affordable 20 CHF for 30 ml in a glass bottle. Of course prices may vary depending on where you buy this serum, this price tag is from YesStyle website.

I’ve been mentioning this website for a while on my stories and you know I have a 5% off  discount for your very first order and a 2% off discount if you’re already a customer!

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Hopefully I was able to show you something new and different from all the western beauty products we already know! Let me only if you’re interested in more K-beauty reviews, and don’t forget to share your latest skincare recommendations on the comments below!

Useful links

Bazzaal website

Jeniffer Harn collab video

YesStyle website

Jumiso official website (kr)

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