Low Waste Beauty Routine

Today I’m going to share a few tips and products I’ve been incorporating to my beauty routine to make it more Eco-friendly, by no means I’m saying it’s perfect or 100% zero waste, but clearly there’s a difference in the amount of waste I produce by making these changes in my daily routine.

Solid products

Growing up my mother always bought soap bars for everyone at home. When I moved to Switzerland, I started using liquid body wash, cause I was able to buy my own products and of course I wanted to try out new brands, specially those who make nice smelling body washes! But I also realize the amount of plastic bottles I end up throwing out. To change this situation I simply went back to regular soap bars. 

I’m currently using “Lune de Miel” soap from a local Swiss natural beauty brand Cocooning  Bio Cosmetics, they have an online store and a boutique in Lausanne. This soap contains honey and calendula to soothe and nourish dry and sensitive skin.

Shop “Lune de Miel” here.

If you don’t live in Switzerland, do a research of a local brand that fabric soap bars, I promise you’ll find something and it’s a great way to support your local industry. If you don’t find any just buy any solid soap at the supermarket.

Solid shampoos are also quite popular at the moment, I’ve tried a few from Lush and I really liked their “Montalbano” solid shampoo. My hair has a very light and natural balayage so I don’t need to use any specific product to take care of my hair.

Shop “Montalbano” here

On the other side, I have to be completely honest on my thoughts about solid products. I do feel great thanks to the amount of plastic bottles I’m able to reduce by using solid products. 

My only concern is while traveling/transporting solid products. Yes, you’re not bothered at the airport filter due to the amount of liquids you carry, but you have to make sure they’re dry before you store them, if not they’re going to adhere to any surface. So, consider this beforehand and let them dry properly and avoid letting them on humid areas to help them dry faster.


Before moving to Switzerland, I have never seen “lavettes” before, I’ll describe them as towel-like gloves. The first time I saw them I thought it was made to bath babies, but apparently adults use them too.

Basically these gloves replaced the plastic sponges I used to buy and throw away every other month. Mine again is from Cocooning Bio Cosmetics, they have 3 different versions according to the amount of roughness you’re looking for, mine are the light version made out of 100% bio cotton, perfect for daily usage.

You can also find them online as bath mittens.

Shop bath mittens here

Dry brushing 

Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate your body without using any product! As the name suggests you only need to brush your body and get rid of dead cells. I do this 3 times per week before taking a shower.

How I do it? Simple, I use my The Body Shop brush and I start brushing my skin from bottom to top, using upright movements towards the heart. After taking a shower my skin feels smooth just as if I used any exfoliating product on the market. I later use body cream or oil to nourish my skin.

Besides reducing the amount of products I buy and waste, I’ve noticed that I get less ingrown hairs, I improve circulation specially on my legs thanks to the upright movements, and finally overtime I’ve noticed that the texture of my stretch marks and other marks on my body are now smoother.

Shop dry brush here

Reusable razors

Reusable razors are the perfect plastic free alternative to common disposable ones. My reusable razor comes from the brand Bareaya that I discover thanks to their ads on Instagram. It’s been a whole year since I switch to this alternative, and I’m so happy I did, no more razors or blade refills that are not only expensive but also full of plastic.

This brand delivers plastic free and you can also buy the blades on their website. This razor uses only one blade and is more than enough to perfectly shave your legs. I’ll say you’ll need a couple of days to discover how the razor works and adapt to your new shaving routine.

Traditional razors have a flexible head that allows them to move around and shave delicate areas like ankles or knees, but reusable razors don’t have this, every time you want to change the direction of the razor, you need to lift them and place them in the right spot in order to shave without cutting yourself.

I need to be more attentive when I’m using this razor, but I wouldn’t go back to the disposable ones. 

This reusable razor comes with a travel pouch and you can unscrew the razor in order to clean it or travel without bulking. Even though it’s made out of stainless steel, I prefer to store my razor in a dry place. 

Shop Bareaya razors here

Makeup Removing Cloths 

Usually I remove my makeup using oils, I’m always testing new ones, but I always remove the oil and makeup residues with a warm damp cloth. It’s really effective and I love feeling the warm cloth removing everything from my skin. 

I wash my cloths and bath mittens with the rest of my towels with hot water! 

Shop my current oil makeup remover from Mawena here

Voilà this is it for my low waste beauty routine, hopefully I was able to provide a couple of ideas to include in your routine. Don’t hesitate to add your recommendations on the comments bellow and share my post with a friend!

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  1. 23 March 2020 / 16 h 55 min

    It’s funny that you hadn’t heard of lavettes before coming to Switzerland, I thought everyone knew about them! I’ve heard a lot about dry brushing, I have to try it🙌🏻

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