Kiehl’s Calendula Range review

It’s been a couple of months since I started using the Calendula range from Kiehl’s. I previously wrote a blog post explaining mainly about their last launch the «Calendula serum-infused water cream » (here). But in this post I’m going to talk about my experience using the whole range in my daily routine.

I have been using and testing many products from Kiehl’s in the last couple of years. Most of the time I have nice results with their skincare products, so I feel confident enough to adventure myself with their new launches. 

The Calendula range is composed by a cleanser, toner, face cream and mask. The Calendula family can be used by all skin types. But it’s particularly well suited for normal and oily skin, these products are also mild enough for sensitive skin types. 

My skin type is combination, I have dry areas like my cheeks and around the edges of my nose, and more oily areas like my T-zone. During the summer, my skin gets more breakouts than usual due to all the summer activities, I also suffer from oiler skin and shine during the day.


Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face 

This Cleanser comes out as clear gel and once you start massaging in with water it creates a dense foam. I feel is super effective to remove all the impurities of the day, without drying my skin. 

I do remove my makeup with micellar water prior using this cleanser at night, and I also use my Foreo Luna Mini cleanser device, to upgrade the benefits of the product and ensure a super deep cleanse. 

Calendula Herbal-Extract toner 

This Alcohol-free toner feels super fresh and soothing on my skin. I think toner is the most underrated step in skincare, I actually forgot to take it with me during my holidays and I really felt the difference, for me toner is there to ensure that extra gentle cleanse in the morning, and of course remove the last bits of makeup/dirt at night, before I continue with the rest of my routine.

According to Kiehl’s website there’s approximately 93 Calendula petals in a 250 ml bottle. It also contains Great Burdock Root known for its soothing properties and is also believed to help reduce oil.

Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

This water cream was the latest launch of the range and the star of the event a couple of months ago! I was super excited to start using this product and it was a great addition to my summer routine.

I was expecting a gel texture since it looks like a gel, but when you start massaging it in the texture is much more watery and it absorbs really quick with no shinny residue or tacky feeling behind. I like using creams that work well either AM or PM since it reduces the amount of money I spend buying skincare, also my routine is much more simple with less products.

During the day, I have no problems with how my makeup applies and at night it works nicely with the rest of the products I use.

I think this cream will be great for those who appreciate light weight formulas and are looking for a fresh and hydrating sensation on their skin!

Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask 

This little guy now lives in my fridge and I used it loads during the summer. After laying for hours under the sun by the lakeside, my skin needed some cooling hydration back! 

What I really appreciate about the mask is its gel-like consistency that really hydrates thanks to the Aloe Vera and soothes skin without adding any heavy ingredient. It’s the perfect hydrating mask for combination to oily skin types!

These are my final thoughts about the WHOLE Calendula range! Big thanks to Kiehl’s Switzerland for letting me test a part of their range. Don’t forget to visit their website (here)to know more about the properties of Calendula and all the other ingredients they use to formulate this lovely range! 



  1. 11 September 2019 / 17 h 39 min

    This range looks really nice, I have been dying to try out the toner and face wash, as I also have combination skin😊🙌🏻 Great article!!

  2. 11 September 2019 / 21 h 01 min

    Awesome article! I was looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this range of products so I can give it a go.

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