Gucci Marmont : 1 year review

Gucci Marmont : 1 year review

Hello there! Today I’ll be doing a review about me favorite bag! The Gucci Marmont in the mini size. I’ve been wearing this bag almost every single day since I got it, and it has been one of my must worn items so far!

I waited for almost a year to get this bag, and honestly this period of waiting gave me the time to think, why and how I was going to wear this bag. I was afraid of getting the IT bag, and then after the trend is over get stucked with an expensive bag I wasn’t going to use.

There are a couple of details in this bag that makes it a classic in my opinion.

First I’ll get into the general details:

The official name is: GG Marmont matelassé mini bag

Price: 1,550 CHF

Materials: Black matelassé chevron leather with heart at the back, and antique gold-tone hardware.

Mini size: W22cm x H13cm x D6cm

Made in: Italy

First of all, the shape it has a very simple and practical shape that will never go out of style. The fact that I choose the leather version in the black color also helped a lot, since I can wear it with any outfit. The mini size is also very useful, big enough to carry all my essentials, but it can also be worn at night and still look elegant.

You can wear it as normal purse on your shoulder with the double chain or as a crossbody. I usually use it on my shoulder, but I like the fact I can choose! The mini size is perfect, because even if you use it as a crossbody it will never loose its shape. The medium size on the other hand does, and when it’s worn as a crossbody the top of the bags looks weird.

This bag also comes in many different colors (red, beige, white, baby pink, metallic golden/pink, and metallic red/pink) materials (velvet, raffia or snake skin) and sizes (medium, mini and super mini). But as I previously mentioned I wanted something that would be timeless and easy to wear.

After one full year of use, I was expecting to have much more damage in the bag. The corners are usually the first places you show the wear on a bag, and mine are in perfect conditions. I have also done some traveling with this bag, I went to Vietnam and Mexico and when you’re traveling and moving aroung you can’t really take the same care of precautions as when you’re home. For example, I remember while I was in Vietnam, we got caught in the rain while walking on the street and nothing happened to my bag (I was afraid of the stains water can leave on some materials). Also the hundreds of times I opened the bag to get my passport and all the security filters… I was really happy with the quality of the leather!

The interior of the back also ended up surprising me, its made of a microfiber lining with a suede-like finish, in a light pink/beige color. Light interiors are made to easily find your things, but in the other side it also makes it easier for dirt and stains to show. I know maybe others won’t find it problematic, but personally I do care about this type of details and I try to be careful. I regularly clear my bag and I gently swipe away any dust that can get accumulated, and I also try use baby wipes and clean the items that go into my bag. The interior looks brand new to me so I don’t have any complaints!

What can I fit in the bag? I’m not someone that carries a lot of things, a small bag is more than enough! I usually carry my wallet (mine is small but you can fit a big one), key pouch, sunglasses, lipstick, reusable tissue bag (folded), and hand sanitizer.

Also, a few days ago I placed an order from the brand Samorga, this website makes bag organizers (inserts) for every single luxury bag we know! I already have a bag organizer for my Louis Vuitton “neverfull” bag, and I can’t recomment it enough! It helps my bag to hold its shape but also find things easily! The problem with big bags is that you can loose everything inside. For my Marmont bag this is not the case, but I just want something to continue to protect the interior of the bag.

Bags are made to be worn and show their marks with pride I guess, I have no intentions of selling my bags or anything like that, I just want to be able to enjoy them as much as I can. I can’t really afford a new bag as the season dictates the new IT bag every couple of months, so I just try go for pieces that I know will look great in the years to come!

Who knows maybe one day I’ll be able to get my hands on a classic Chanel double flap in caviar leather? *the absolute dream bag*




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