Dr. Martens: A must

Today I want to share my thoughts, on my beloved and most worn pair of shoes in 2018: Dr. Martens. I’m perfectly aware that this brand is classic and almost a staple for some urban groups!

Initially worn by the postmen and factory workers, they had the reputation of being very durable and comfortable for the working class men. I’ll leave the link to the story of the brand here.

To be honest, at the beginning I wasn’t into this type of boots. I thought they were very big, bulky and not very feminine. Most of the people I saw wearing something similar had a punk, goth or alternative look, and this has never been my cup of tea in terms of fashion, so I never thought they were something I could use!

But I was wrong, mixing styles is really interesting, and it allows you to be creative and unique with the way you dress.

The first time these boots actually caught my eye, was during Coachella season last year, I saw many girls wearing them and rocking amazing feminine/edgy looks, and I knew I had to give them a try!

I decided to get a pair during the summer and try to spice things up, I choose the classic boots with patent leather, I thought the glossy finish will be a nice touch and I loved how it looked paired with everything! skirts, dresses, jeans etc..

I realized I was wearing them every single day, I sometimes had to force myself to wear something else, but honestly they’re just so easy to style, you don’t really need to think twice, everything looks effortless and cool with them.

The only downside to these boots, they’re really hard to break-in! The first time I used them, I had blisters and also a huge (painful) mark on my low shin because of the leather rubbing on my skin. Sadly there’s no magic, you need to wear them in order to shape them and turn them conformable.

Now that we’re in winter, they’re still my favorite pair shoes! so far I’ve used them to go to the mountains, festivals, night-outs, walking for hours in the city, traveling and they still look immaculate! I only need to wipe them off from time to time, but other than that, they have been my best shoe investment for 2018!

I’ve have browsed several times on their website, and they have so many different models is really hard to choose a second pair!

I think my top 5 favorites so far are the ones below, I’m not sure if I’m getting a second pair right now, but if I was to… Then I might consider one of these models:

“Molly classic leather” with the double-height commando sole
” Molly Rainbow Patent” Unique black leather that reflects an iridescent rainbow light.
“Jadon Glitter” retains all the original details, and adds the chunky platform sole.
“1490 Marc Jacobs Patent” colab between Dr. Martens X Marc Jacobs
” 1460 Hardlife” in color Oxblood

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration if you’re hesitant about Dr. Martens!

Dr. Martens website here

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  1. Luci
    28 January 2019 / 15 h 34 min

    You’ve inspired me to get a pair myself! I bought over the knee boots because of a post you made on them a while ago! I trust your fashion sense and love how you’ve managed to pair these with very feminine looks.

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