Does Foreo Works?

Hello everyone, today I’ll be sharing my experience using the Foreo Luna Play Plus in my skincare routine. I got this device last year in September and I bought it in Sephora.

Electronic devices have been around for a while. I previously owned a Clarisonic brush (who remembers?) which was a basically a toothbrush for your face. I remember using it for a while and really liking it, the major flaw was that you needed to replace the head brush once in a while, and of course once the hype is over, you forget to buy the replacements. Sadly my Clarisonic got forgotten in my bathroom drawer.

Conclusion: Replacement parts in beauty tools are super annoying and unpractical.

Why did I choose to buy a Foreo device then? You don’t need to buy any replacements and it’s made out of silicone which is a very hygienic material.

While I was at Sephora, I was really hesitant to buy the bigger version because I was afraid I wasn’t going to use it enough. So I went for the mini version which is called “Foreo Luna Play Plus” in the purple color.

This device works with AAA batteries and has up to 400 uses. I told myself that I was going to try it out, see how much I liked it and if I really loved it, then invest in the bigger version in the future.

Does it really works? I think I got the perfect example: When you take a shower and you only use your hands and soap, are you able to clean your body? Yes.

What happens if you use soap and a sponge/loofah? You get a deeper cleanse, since you have a tool that allows you to create foam and rub your skin much better than only with your hands!

Foreo devices do exactly the same, plus sonic pulsations that really help get rid of dirt, sweat, oils and makeup! (8,000 sonic pulsations per minute).

What benefits did I experience?

  • Deeper cleanse
  • No makeup residue on my skin
  • My skincare products penetrate better/faster on my skin
  • Smooth texture on my skin
  • The appearance of pores on my nose got reduced
  • Less blackheads

A big plus for the mini version is the convenient size, it’s perfect for taking it away with you on your holidays or gym bag! I personally take it with me every time I go away, so I never stop enjoying the benefits of a deep cleanse.

Today my “Foreo Luna Play Plus” no longer appears in their website, but the new version “Foreo Luna mini 3” is available. It has many new features like the possibility to download the Foreo App and keep track your skin routine.

To end this review I’ll say that I definitely recommend this device, and I’m really happy to use it every single night. As with everything there’s no miracle product on the market. You need to stick to a skincare routine with the right products and consistency to see results over time.

To be honest, the only thing I regret is not having a more developed version that I can connect to my phone or the different functions like the massages for eye area, neck, mouth and contours that you can make with the newest “Foreo Luna 3“.

I hope this post might help you make a choice and invest in your skincare routine.

visit the Foreo website here to know more about their products.



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