Deco post No. 2 | How to add designer pieces to your home


As in all areas, furniture and homewear can be designer. There are a lot of brands of design furniture, and it will take me way too long to list them all, but when in comes to furniture I think a lot of people are attracted to pieces that were created by big figures of the art or architectural domaine.

I have a little theorie, that I what to share with you, because buying design pieces for your house, doesn’t mean buying the most expensive or kitch item you see in the stores.

Let’s say  I wanted to buy a designer bag, I might choose a Louis Vuitton  bag, mainly because they have been doing bags since 1854, I think they know what they’re doing in terms of following fashion for about 163 years now. I know I’m paying for the actual look of the bag, good materials, and also for the name of the brand, that was built by all the years of experience they have. And it’s the exact same thing for furniture and home accesories!

I might want to choose pieces that were made by designers that are specialised in interior design, because I want to invest my money in items that are made with a certain technique, maybe they correpond in a better way to proportions of human body (ergonomic), the use of certain materials, it was the cult  object of a specific decade; they might aswell  have a rich story in how they were created or maybe it was a colaboration between important artists.  Big figures like the Mies Van Der Rohe, Ettore Sottsass, or Corbusier are very appreciated in this domaine, they did a lot of home interior pieces, like chairs, tables, sofas and the list goes on.

Louis Vuitton X Cassina (Le Corbusier), 1000 pieces of the LC4 were made in 2014

But keeping it real, we might not be able to afford to decorate our hole house in designer pieces and lounge chair of about 8,000 CHF, BUT,  you can slowly incorporate small pieces that give a more intresting and luxurious touch to your current decoration.

A brand that I suggest checking out is Alessi here , they have TONS of small pieces that are your regular item but with a twist. Their price rate is very large, you can find pieces for 35 CHF up to the 1000 CHF for items that are limited edition. They work with a lot of well known designers like  Philippe Starck, he was the designer of the lemon squeezer “Juicy Salif” in 1991, and they still sell them for 69 CHF and also the limited edition of 299 copies in bronze for 15000 CHF.

One item that I love, and I actually gifted to my parents, is the House Bird by Eames, well actually it was not designed by him (read the story here), but he did a lot photography of interior design with this piece as part of the decoration all the time. Nowadays is Vitra that re-edits this piece for about  176 CHF on galaxus here or also in Louisa Via Roma website here.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope I gived you some ideas to incorporate to your home or maybe a gift for someone. Remember you can always browse for designer items in second hand shops and flea markets!

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