Quite a different subject from my usual content, but I just finish watching the Lebanese drama film directed by Nadine Lebaki in 2018.

I saw the trailer a couple of months ago, and it was until now that I finally got the time to watch the film. I thought I knew what to expect but actually I didn’t… I’m going to leave the trailer of the film in this post as well. Don’t worry I won’t spoil the movie, but after you watch the trailer you can continue reading my post!

Now that you watched the trailer, you’re in the mood for a deep talk. Can you imagine being a 12 y/o already disgusted, tired and agry about life? I can’t, not even in a hard day of work, I would be able to compare my life with someone that want to sue his own parents for giving him life.

After watching this film, I confirmed my theory about life. “Sadly life is not created equal for everyone, and the saddest part is that some people will never realize they’re entitled for a better one”. If you have access to my content I guess you have at least a 3G connection mobile or you’re using a laptop/desktop (you probably have the 3 of them) then you’re part of the 56.1% of the world population that has internet access. If you’re reading this post and your native laguage is not english, you’re part of the 1 billion that speaks english as a second language. If you speak a thirth language you’re part of the 13% of world population that can do it. (Source: World Economic Forum)

My point here is that there are so many things that we take for granted in our daily lifes. It is amazing to have goals and work hard to achieve them, and once you get them go ahead for new ones! But please, do not forget in those moments of pressure and doubts that you’re already making it, all your efforts account even the ones that seems so small to your eyes!

Please don’t minimize your efforts or take them for granted, something that might seem so easy for you, might be a big deal for someone else.

Y We’re living in a society that never has enough (money, recognition, love, time, degrees etc…) and it’s actually so sad! While we are complaining about material things, people in other countries are suffering for basic needs, such as education or legal papers, and actually very few do care about it.

The purpose of this post is not make us feel bad about being “most fortunate” because, at the end of the day, we can not choose in what country or condition you’re going to grow up. My aim is just to enlight the fact that whenever is possible try to be informed about the different problems/situations our world is suffering and maybe try to make baby steps for a change. Let’s just take an example:

You love animals? Great, donate a small amount to your local animal shelter or find an international association that works with animals in other places.

Wild at Heart Foundation

« Wild at Heart Foundation funds animal welfare projects all over the world. We are on a mission to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population through rescue projects, neutering programmes and education initiatives. By 2025 we want to rehome 10,000 dogs, neuter 100,000 dogs and educate 1,000,000 »

This was just an example, but really any cause, any amount or any type of help can make a difference. Even the fact of being a ware of a problem is already a step. I know sometimes in our daily habits and routines we don’t seem to have time to appreciate all our blessings, just try at leat every night to mention 3 things that you’re greatfull for, even if your day was hard. I’m pretty sure you came back home to a warm place, you eat something and you have hopefully someone’s company.

Mysery is hard to watch and sometimes people prefere to turn away from it, because it’s really heartbreaking, but the only way to build a compasionate society is being part of the solution.

I hope you’ll get the chance to see the film and learn something from it. As I said before it has been one of the hardest/real films I’ve seen. Every dialogue and scene felt so raw, full of desperation, tierdness of ingnorance and neglect.

See you soon!

PD. Capharnaüm means chaos in arabic




Beauty & life lessons from MOM

Beauty & life lessons from MOM

Hello! I hope you’re doing great, to be honest with you I had a couple of down days in the last few weeks, those days where you’re tired of adulting, and all you want to do is run home and eat your mom’s food, like in the good old days.

So, I took inspiration from her and decided to share a couple of lessons she had taught me.

Prevention is key

My mother is the most organized and preventive person I know. Since my early teenage years, she always took the time to talk about the changes my body was going to experience, as we all pass through the amazing phase of puberty *eye roll*. She really insisted that I should start taking care of my face and body.

One of her tips was to incorporate sweet almond oil to my routine, to avoid getting stretch marks. She used to tell me that back when she was a teenager, she never had the opportunity to talk about these type of things with her mom, so she never got the chance to prevent them.

So, religiously morning and night I used to apply sweet almond oil (alone or mixed with body cream). Honestly, it worked! I’m not going to say I don’t have stretch marks anywhere because I do! I got very small and thin ones on my bum, but I never got them on my thighs, lower back or chest area.

I think having stretch marks is almost inevitable and completetly normal , I’m thankful that today they’re almost undetectable to the human eye (except in the hideous changing rooms, where the light has been created to maximize the appearance of un-existing flaws).

Recently I tested Kiehl’sCreme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil” among the ingredients we find: apricot oil, squalene, sesame seed oil, avocado oil, castor seed oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil & rosemary extract.

Photo credits Kiehl’s IG official account

The smell is very pleasant and I love how my skin feels after using it. What I love the most is that it made me remember my little oil ritual, I had tried the rest of the “Creme de Corps” range and if you have the chance I will highly suggest them too.


This is one is really hard for me, and I still can’t believe that my mother has been exercising at home even before my brother and I were born! She always encouraged me to practice any physical activity, but even today I find it hard to do it on a daily basis. Something that works for me is doing different courses at the gym, this way I feel motivated by other people and I have the chance to do different courses targeted to different places of my body!

Stay curious

One of our favorite activities together was to read magazines in the afternoons, at that time Instagram wasn’t the center of my universe, so I remember getting all my beauty knowledge and royals gossip from Hello! and Glamour.

You know I’m obsessed with discovering new launches especially when it comes to minimal makeup products or skincare.

My little update: For makeup, I’m particularly happy with the brand NudeStix (This brand was founded by a mother and her daughters), I talk about them quite frequently on my IG stories. For skincare, I’m enjoying the last month of my personalized Apothecary preparations oil-in serum also from Kiehl’s, I bought this serum when I was in Mexico City, back in September.

If you’re skincare junkie like me, you will love having your very own serum! It consists of a Skin Strengthening Concentrate + 2 targeted complexes (mine was targeted for clarity and enlarged pores) sadly the formula lasts only up to 6 months so I’m about to finish mine.

Read more about the serum here


Definitely, we can only get better at this with as we get older and get to experience life, but having a good examples always helps.

My mom has been married to a pilot for almost 30 years now, I never realize until now all the things she had to face alone on a daily basis. Take into consideration that not so long ago, we weren’t able to FaceTime people on the other side of the world and long distance calls where super expensive!

So, one of the qualities that I admire on my mom is how confident and strong she is, most of the times she faced sick children (or dog), adult stuff and everyday life on her own, and when my dad finally came back crisis was over (of course).

As you see confidence is not only for our appearance it’s also about our life choices and how we face difficult times.

Kind heart

No matter how much you try to change your makeup or your clothes, true beauty can only shine if we’re kind to others.

My mother is a very reserved woman, but she will be the first person to help out others, but something that I really love about her is her ability to show kindness to animals, and it is proven that people showing empathy to animals tend to be kind and compassionate beings, let’s take Schopenhauer statement as an example:

“Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality

The end! I hope you liked reading this type of posts they’re a little bit more personal, but as you see everything we do is connected.

what’s the best lesson your mom gave you?




Shopping habits to change: Fashion Edition

Shopping habits to change: Fashion Edition

Hello everyone! Today I want to adress a subject that has been in my head for a while, but I didn’t knew how to start talking about it.

We have seen everywhere all the struggles that fast fashion is making to our planet starting with pollution, poor labor conditions in developing countries and nonetheless the horrible mindset of nonstop consuming in our lifestyle.

It took me a while (maybe more than it should) to consider this situation in a more serious way, I’m not here to judge or punish anyone because of their shopping habits, I just want to share a couple of things I’ve been trying to change, first of all, because I realized three things:

  1. I have no more space in my house to hold more clothes, therefore, I feel overwhelmed and saturated
  2. I’m just partially happy with the items I own, because of my bad shopping habits and the mindset “is not that expensive I’ll take it” I accumulated so many things I actually don’t wear and they just take space (read point number one above).
  3. I don’t want to be attached to material things, it is true that material things bring us joy, but I also think it is important to learn to let them go, I have so many pieces (especially dresses) that I love, but I don’t actually wear them anymore, so they’re just sitting in my closet in immaculate condition, when actually they could be in someone else’s hand right now.

So as you see these little cycle has been turning around in my head, and these are some solutions I came up with:

Participate in H&M recycling program

You bring a bag to the store full of clothes ( It doesn’t matter the brand), then they give you a 5 CHF voucher, valid for every 30 CHF you spent in the store (see more details about their program here). Honestly, the deal is not amaaaazing, but I thought it was better than nothing.

I do these when I clear my closet every season and the clothes that are out aren’t going to any friends or family (basically underwear, socks, old pj’s etc…).

Stuff that would never get a second life (in my opinion).

Photos taken from H&M group website


These is something new for me, I really never thought of buying second-hand clothes, since I always thought that I was fortunate enough to allow myself to new clothes, now I realize that it has nothing to do with having the money or not, is more about how to use it smartly and save some bucks.

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to my dear friend Alexia (@Alexia_lila) on Instagram, she is always selling her clothes and organizing “vide dressings” with really nice items and brands. Since she wears the same size as me, I was immediately curious about her sales!

A couple of weeks ago, I bought one of her Sabo Skirt dresses, when I previously saw it featured on her photos I thought it was really pretty and adaptable to any season with the right accessories. So I bought the dress for 20 CHF (Sabo Skirt dresses are usually around 60 CHF + shipping & taxes).

And there’s more to tell you about this subject, Alexia just recently created her own company called Swisstagram Tour, with her new company one of the services she offers, is to help you sell your clothes! All you need to do is buy your entry for 30 CHF (or 60 CHF for her VIP service), she comes and helps you out with sorting the things you want to sell, establish a price and voilà! I’ll leave all the details of her website below.

And of course, if you want to buy the clothes, you can check out the dates of the Pop-Up store they organize, or shop on the online boutique!

Swisstagram Tour

Vide dressing service

Visit your local second-hand shop, and ask how you can sell your clothes!

More conditions before buying something

I realize that I have to be much more severe with my shopping habits, so I apply a couple of rules:

  1. During sales season I ONLY shop for basics that are timeless.
  2. Never buy for the season ahead. Example: Don’t buy a winter coat during summer.
  3. Don’t buy things spontaneously. Here is where Pinterest comes in handy! I have my “Fashion Inspo” board, and here I collect many outfit ideas and potential buys, so I have a clear idea of how I wish to dress, if I ever come across one of the items of my board, then I consider to buy it.
  4. I allow myself to replace a broken or very used item.
  5. I treat myself to a special buy on my birthday. 
  6. Don’t buy the same in a different color
  7. Only ONE trend item for the season


I Hope you find my post useful and might consider adopting new habits when it comes to shopping!

Of course, I still make mistakes and my wardrobe is far from being perfect. I wish one day I can be able to build a capsule wardrobe, which means you basically dress with only 33 items (clothes, shoes & accessories) during a whole season and no shopping, sounds crazy right?





#OOTD No.1 from 2018

#OOTD No.1 from 2018

Hello my loves & happy Friday, yes finally the end of the week! I can’t complain we did got some much appreciated sun rays and with that, I finally got the opportunity to get some nice pictures.

With Salomé (@im_salome) we first stop for some lunch in a new place called “Pancs Cafe” (@pancs.lausanne) a lovely and cosy place that yes, as the name suggests, serves pancakes et crêpes, both salty and sugar! My recommendation will be the “Vanilla cake”.

After that, we walked into the streets looking for the perfect place to take nice pictures, we took some at the Church of St. François/Francis and then headed to smaller and less noisy streets.

I didn’t think much about this outfit while getting ready in the morning, but at the end I have to say I really did like this pieces together a lot!

I’ll leave you all the direct links at the end.

Coat: Burberry here (Farfetch) SALE!!

corse top: Pull & Bear (out of stock) similar here (ASOS) SALE!!

trousers: Zara

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (not available any more) similar here (ASOS) SALE!!

sunglasses: Ray Ban

bag: Coach -30% in Antara Mexico City


My experience with long distance relationships

My experience with long distance relationships

Hello guys, I’m sorry I skipped last week’s post and I know it has been a couple of days since my last update. December has definitely been kicking me in the derrière as I’ve been trying to balance work with life and Christmas travel plans. It was not an easy month and as you guys know I prefer to write a blogpost only when I know I have the time to post quality content rather than posting nonsenses.

In this post I want to share my experiences, and my tips, on how I keep healthy and durable long distance relantionships with my loved ones. As you may know (or maybe this is new information for some of you guys) I’m Mexican and I have lived in Switzerland for almost 2.5 years now. I know, I know, two and a half years does not seem like a SUPER long time, but it has been enough time to help me realize that family and friends are super important, they’re basically everything.

So this post is dedicated to those people whom I miss terribly. These are all the lessons I have learnt in the short yet excruciatingly long time we have spent apart.

Accept new people in your life

Once you move out of your comfort zone – it may be to a different country or town, maybe a new university, or even out of your parents house– you might need to make an extra effort to get to know more people around you. This can depend a lot on many factors, including the country, the culture, or the language of the place you are at. These aspects might be different from what you are used to, but try to adjust to your new life. Once you open yourself up to new opportunities and create a circle of acquaintances, friends and activities, it is much much easier to stop being homesick.

Give new people a chance! Just remember, everyone always starts out as an acquaintance. But most importantly, give YOURSELF a chance to embrace others around you and try to make them a part of your life. It might come as a surprise to you that you’ll compare the new people in your life to the ones who have basically always been there, but here is a golden rule I learnt the hard way: don’t compare them with other friends– each person has it’s unique way to show their love.


Don’t establish rules

We all want to spend time with our loved ones and making plans seems to be the way to do it. But don’t try to emforce a schedule on “when” and “how” you will communicate with those who are far away. We have an amazing advantage that no other generation has ever enjoyed before, we have social media and thank God for that.

It will depend on how far away you have moved, and if you have a considerable time difference– I for example am 7 time zones away from my family and friends. You must understand that sometimes it won’t be possible to answer messages or calls right away …. AND IT’S OKAY! My friends and I have adjusted through the years and have found that the easiest way to communicate is through voice messages. What makes these optimal is that you can basically share 20-minute long stories (yes I plead GUILTY) and your friends can listen and respond whenever they get a chance. It takes off the pressure of having to literally be there 24/7.

Take it easy, if you have something to share just write or record the message, and eventually you’ll get a message back. Trying to force people into a set communication system might work for a while, BUT believe me the day will come when either of you won’t be able to make it, and you might feel disappointed of a system you created.

Social media is amazing

As I mentioned above, this is a huge advantage in our generation, and it’s amazing how connected you can feel with those around you. Maybe it’s a message or a call, a tag on a funny meme, or just a photo on Instagram, you can almost instantly know what your friends are doing and I think this can make long distance relationships easier.

If you’re reading this you might already know that I’m really active on Instagram, I post pictures and stories every single day, and I love it.

I have the added fortune that most my friends are super active as well, but I do understad that some people might not like being on social media that much. So I do take a moment to send a voicenote or a message just to check in on how they’re doing in a more personal way.

People change

People will change all the time, sometimes you’re going to be there to witness the moment, sometimes you won’t. Sometimes you’re the one that is going to change, and this might take people in different directions.

This too is also very normal, and sometimes it has nothing to do with the distance. With time you will realize friends that once where super close to you are now doing completely different things. I will just advice you to cherish the moments you spent together and be happy for them.

Who knows, maybe at some point you might be able to see each other again. I have a good example: Since I started and Instagram account, old acquaintances from school have reached out to me and I have been able to talk to them more so than before. Maybe I’ll be able to see a couple of them now that I’m in Mexico for the Holidays. I wasn’t particulary close to them back then, but if today they’re offering me their time and friendship, of course I’ll accept it.

When you come back home

This is me right now while writting this post. I’m currently home in my room, a room that is full of memories like sleepovers with my friends, coming back from a party, midnight confessions… You know, the list goes on and on…

I set on my mind and in my heart that every time I’ll be back home, I will enjoy it. I’m going too see friends and family that will have the time to see me, most of them know I’m here, for those who are a little bit forgetful I did write them to remind them I was coming back for a few days.

I want to return to Switzerland knowing that I was able to spend good times with my friends rather than forcing people into seeing me just because I’m here. Some of my friends work so their time with me is much more limited, and some of them are on holidays with their families, and I don’t take it personally.

Early this morning I was brunching with one of my friends and she told me this:

”Sometimes we hang on things way too much. Sometimes it is a person, an experience, a certain place or a choice.

Enjoy what you have and enjoy what you’re living in the moment. Maybe you will get a chance to experience those things you cherish again and again, or maybe not. Maybe you’ll get that one thing you so much desired, maybe not. Maybe you’ll achive all of the things you expected, maybe not.

Let life surprise you once in a while. Don’t hang on in a hour, a moment or a condition. Live without waiting or being waited on.

Free from prejudices or anticipated ideas that might lead to unnecessary worries. Just live.

Work for the things you want, and do your best.

Say thanks to the opportunity of being with that one friend, that coffee date, that night out, that candlelit dinner.

Nothing stays the same, everything passes, everything transforms itself.”

Each relationship is unique

I still have another experience that convinces me every single day that there’s no distance or time that can separate friends.

For almost 7 years now, I keep a friendship that is quite unique, and at the beginning it was hard for people to understand. Seven years ago I met my now amazing friend thanks to her old YouTube videos. If I share this story now it’s like super normal, but believe me 7 years ago, everyone thought it was super weird.

Her name is Milena, a Russian girl living in Tokio. We used to Skype (when Skype was a thing) religiously every Saturday morning just like you will go and grab some coffee with a friend. We would talk about our schools, how our countries were different or similar, our friends, everything… After two years of friendship I visited her in Tokio, and it was amazing! Up until now it has been the one and only time we have ever met in person. I hope this might change in the future, but still Milena is as close to me as any other of my friends. We can’t Skype anymore on Saturday mornings but we still call each other quite frequently.

Proving all of what I have stated above.


I hope that this post might help you if you’re struggling with moving out/coming back home and can make your process a little bit easier. Remember, this is more easily said than done. Most of us are always expecting something, and it takes a moment to realize that only God’s timing is perfect.




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