Gucci Marmont : 1 year review

Gucci Marmont : 1 year review

Hello there! Today I’ll be doing a review about me favorite bag! The Gucci Marmont in the mini size. I’ve been wearing this bag almost every single day since I got it, and it has been one of my must worn items so far!

I waited for almost a year to get this bag, and honestly this period of waiting gave me the time to think, why and how I was going to wear this bag. I was afraid of getting the IT bag, and then after the trend is over get stucked with an expensive bag I wasn’t going to use.

There are a couple of details in this bag that makes it a classic in my opinion.

First I’ll get into the general details:

The official name is: GG Marmont matelassé mini bag

Price: 1,550 CHF

Materials: Black matelassé chevron leather with heart at the back, and antique gold-tone hardware.

Mini size: W22cm x H13cm x D6cm

Made in: Italy

First of all, the shape it has a very simple and practical shape that will never go out of style. The fact that I choose the leather version in the black color also helped a lot, since I can wear it with any outfit. The mini size is also very useful, big enough to carry all my essentials, but it can also be worn at night and still look elegant.

You can wear it as normal purse on your shoulder with the double chain or as a crossbody. I usually use it on my shoulder, but I like the fact I can choose! The mini size is perfect, because even if you use it as a crossbody it will never loose its shape. The medium size on the other hand does, and when it’s worn as a crossbody the top of the bags looks weird.

This bag also comes in many different colors (red, beige, white, baby pink, metallic golden/pink, and metallic red/pink) materials (velvet, raffia or snake skin) and sizes (medium, mini and super mini). But as I previously mentioned I wanted something that would be timeless and easy to wear.

After one full year of use, I was expecting to have much more damage in the bag. The corners are usually the first places you show the wear on a bag, and mine are in perfect conditions. I have also done some traveling with this bag, I went to Vietnam and Mexico and when you’re traveling and moving aroung you can’t really take the same care of precautions as when you’re home. For example, I remember while I was in Vietnam, we got caught in the rain while walking on the street and nothing happened to my bag (I was afraid of the stains water can leave on some materials). Also the hundreds of times I opened the bag to get my passport and all the security filters… I was really happy with the quality of the leather!

The interior of the back also ended up surprising me, its made of a microfiber lining with a suede-like finish, in a light pink/beige color. Light interiors are made to easily find your things, but in the other side it also makes it easier for dirt and stains to show. I know maybe others won’t find it problematic, but personally I do care about this type of details and I try to be careful. I regularly clear my bag and I gently swipe away any dust that can get accumulated, and I also try use baby wipes and clean the items that go into my bag. The interior looks brand new to me so I don’t have any complaints!

What can I fit in the bag? I’m not someone that carries a lot of things, a small bag is more than enough! I usually carry my wallet (mine is small but you can fit a big one), key pouch, sunglasses, lipstick, reusable tissue bag (folded), and hand sanitizer.

Also, a few days ago I placed an order from the brand Samorga, this website makes bag organizers (inserts) for every single luxury bag we know! I already have a bag organizer for my Louis Vuitton “neverfull” bag, and I can’t recomment it enough! It helps my bag to hold its shape but also find things easily! The problem with big bags is that you can loose everything inside. For my Marmont bag this is not the case, but I just want something to continue to protect the interior of the bag.

Bags are made to be worn and show their marks with pride I guess, I have no intentions of selling my bags or anything like that, I just want to be able to enjoy them as much as I can. I can’t really afford a new bag as the season dictates the new IT bag every couple of months, so I just try go for pieces that I know will look great in the years to come!

Who knows maybe one day I’ll be able to get my hands on a classic Chanel double flap in caviar leather? *the absolute dream bag*




Shopping habits to change: Fashion Edition

Shopping habits to change: Fashion Edition

Hello everyone! Today I want to adress a subject that has been in my head for a while, but I didn’t knew how to start talking about it.

We have seen everywhere all the struggles that fast fashion is making to our planet starting with pollution, poor labor conditions in developing countries and nonetheless the horrible mindset of nonstop consuming in our lifestyle.

It took me a while (maybe more than it should) to consider this situation in a more serious way, I’m not here to judge or punish anyone because of their shopping habits, I just want to share a couple of things I’ve been trying to change, first of all, because I realized three things:

  1. I have no more space in my house to hold more clothes, therefore, I feel overwhelmed and saturated
  2. I’m just partially happy with the items I own, because of my bad shopping habits and the mindset “is not that expensive I’ll take it” I accumulated so many things I actually don’t wear and they just take space (read point number one above).
  3. I don’t want to be attached to material things, it is true that material things bring us joy, but I also think it is important to learn to let them go, I have so many pieces (especially dresses) that I love, but I don’t actually wear them anymore, so they’re just sitting in my closet in immaculate condition, when actually they could be in someone else’s hand right now.

So as you see these little cycle has been turning around in my head, and these are some solutions I came up with:

Participate in H&M recycling program

You bring a bag to the store full of clothes ( It doesn’t matter the brand), then they give you a 5 CHF voucher, valid for every 30 CHF you spent in the store (see more details about their program here). Honestly, the deal is not amaaaazing, but I thought it was better than nothing.

I do these when I clear my closet every season and the clothes that are out aren’t going to any friends or family (basically underwear, socks, old pj’s etc…).

Stuff that would never get a second life (in my opinion).

Photos taken from H&M group website


These is something new for me, I really never thought of buying second-hand clothes, since I always thought that I was fortunate enough to allow myself to new clothes, now I realize that it has nothing to do with having the money or not, is more about how to use it smartly and save some bucks.

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to my dear friend Alexia (@Alexia_lila) on Instagram, she is always selling her clothes and organizing “vide dressings” with really nice items and brands. Since she wears the same size as me, I was immediately curious about her sales!

A couple of weeks ago, I bought one of her Sabo Skirt dresses, when I previously saw it featured on her photos I thought it was really pretty and adaptable to any season with the right accessories. So I bought the dress for 20 CHF (Sabo Skirt dresses are usually around 60 CHF + shipping & taxes).

And there’s more to tell you about this subject, Alexia just recently created her own company called Swisstagram Tour, with her new company one of the services she offers, is to help you sell your clothes! All you need to do is buy your entry for 30 CHF (or 60 CHF for her VIP service), she comes and helps you out with sorting the things you want to sell, establish a price and voilà! I’ll leave all the details of her website below.

And of course, if you want to buy the clothes, you can check out the dates of the Pop-Up store they organize, or shop on the online boutique!

Swisstagram Tour

Vide dressing service

Visit your local second-hand shop, and ask how you can sell your clothes!

More conditions before buying something

I realize that I have to be much more severe with my shopping habits, so I apply a couple of rules:

  1. During sales season I ONLY shop for basics that are timeless.
  2. Never buy for the season ahead. Example: Don’t buy a winter coat during summer.
  3. Don’t buy things spontaneously. Here is where Pinterest comes in handy! I have my “Fashion Inspo” board, and here I collect many outfit ideas and potential buys, so I have a clear idea of how I wish to dress, if I ever come across one of the items of my board, then I consider to buy it.
  4. I allow myself to replace a broken or very used item.
  5. I treat myself to a special buy on my birthday. 
  6. Don’t buy the same in a different color
  7. Only ONE trend item for the season


I Hope you find my post useful and might consider adopting new habits when it comes to shopping!

Of course, I still make mistakes and my wardrobe is far from being perfect. I wish one day I can be able to build a capsule wardrobe, which means you basically dress with only 33 items (clothes, shoes & accessories) during a whole season and no shopping, sounds crazy right?





Dr. Martens: A must

Dr. Martens: A must

Hello guys! I hope you’re doing great, today I want to share my thoughts, on my beloved and most worn pair of shoes in 2018: Dr. Martens. I’m perfectly aware that this brand is classic and almost a staple for some urban groups!

Initially worn by the postmen and factory workers, they had the reputation of being very durable and comfortable for the working class men. I’ll leave the link to the story of the brand here.

To be honest, I was never very interested in these boots, I thought they were very big, bulky and not very feminine. Must of the people I saw wearing something similar had a very punk, goth or alternative look, and this has never been my cup of tea in terms of fashion, so I never thought they were something I could use!

But I was wrong, mixing styles is super fun, and it allows you to be creative and unique with the way you dress.

The first time these boots actually caught my eye, was during Coachella season last year, I saw many girls pulling them off and rocking amazing feminine/edgy looks, and I knew I had to give them a try!

I decided to get a pair during the summer and try to spice things up, I choose the classic boots with patent leather, I thought the glossy finish will be a nice touch and I loved how it looked paired with everything! skirts, dresses, jeans etc..

Honestly, I realized that I was wearing them every single day, I sometimes had to force me to wear something else, if not I had the risk of looking the same all the time (specially since I try to show you different looks all the time) but they were just so easy to pair, that I couldn’t help it!

The only downside to these boots, I think is due to the patent leather, was that they were so hard to break in! The first time I used them, I had blisters and also a huge mark on my low shin because of the leather rubbing my skin. Sadly there’s no magic, you need to wear them and soften the leather little by little!

Now that we’re in winter, they’re still my favorite pair shoes! so far I’ve used them to go to the mountains, festivals, night-outs, walking for hours in the city, traveling and they still look immaculate! I only need to wipe them off from time to time, but other than that, they have been my best shoe investment for 2018!

I’ve have browsed several times on their website, and they have so many different models is really hard to choose a second pair!

But I think my top 5 favorites so far would be these ones below, I’m not sure if I’m getting a second pair right now, but if I was to… Then I might consider one of these:

“Molly classic leather” with the double-height commando sole
” Molly Rainbow Patent” Unique black leather that reflects an iridescent rainbow light.
“Jadon Glitter” retains all the original details, and adds the chunky platform sole.
“1490 Marc Jacobs Patent” colab between Dr. Martens X Marc Jacobs
” 1460 Hardlife” in color Oxblood

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration if you’re hesitant about Dr. Martens!

Dr. Martens website here

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Hello, my loves! I’m super excited to share with you this post since I finally got my hands on a pair of paper waist trousers!

I knew I wanted a new alternative to jeans, something that could spice things up, but every time I went to ASOS I wasn’t able to get my size.

What I like the most about this trousers is the fact that they’re both office/work wear appropriate and more casual depending on what you want to go for!

I will leave the direct link for the trousers, and some similar versions of the other items, since they’re not from this season.


Trousers from ASOS here

Top (similar) here

shoes here


3 pieces to start your designer collection

3 pieces to start your designer collection


Hello! Today I have a small “guide” to what I think would be excellent pieces to start your designer collection.

Do all my stuff come from designers? Of course not, I’m not at that stade of my life where I can afford everything and anything just because, this is why, I prefer to make smart decisions and choose objects I can easily incorporate to my lifestyle and needs.

I would also start by stating that having designer goods is not a must or an obligation, even if social media shows a distorcionated image of what is “affordable” or a “must have” in your life, you should never feel obliged to consume in any sort of way.

The fashion world moves to an incredible speed, every season you’ll see different trends and IT items, but try to remeber something really essential:


“In a world of trends, always remain a classic”


– Coco Chanel

With this being said, if you’re intrested in incorporating some new designer pieces, but you don’t know where to start, here are a couple of recommendations under 500 dollars that you might enjoy.

Card holders or key holder

You will usually see these pieces in the category of “small leather goods”. I find them super practical and durable. The first one I got was 3 years ago from Louis Vuitton, I got it in the “Damier Ebène” canvas, because it’s my favorite. I store all my must-used cards: ID, credit/debit card, health insurance, gym card, metro card… and it’s super convenient, after 3 years there’s no sign of wear/tear (I’m also pretty attentionated with my stuff).

The second, is a key holder, in their classic LV monogram canvas. I don’t like having my keys loosed inside of my bag, I don’t like the sound, neither the marks they make to the rest of my stuff, I have in total 3 keys and they fit perfectly. Sometimes if I’m in a rush, I just put my debit card inside and I’m good to go.


Belts are always a must, even though we have payed much more effort and attention to them these last seasons, they will be forever needed. Gucci is the star of the show at the moment, with their new double GG logo, witch is super pretty! though this time I went for the old Gucci logo combined with a feminine touch.. a flower and a pearl.

If you’re petite like me, I would highly suggest to go for the smaller details in the buckle and a thinner version of the strap. I want this belt to be part of the outfit but not the main focus.

Shawls & Scarves

Shawls are super versatile, this one is the LV mongram Shawl in the color “Greige” as the name suggests is somewhere between the grey and the beige… anyways a neutral color, my cup of tea! Why I love it so much? It’s perfect for the chilly summer nights when you want something to cover your shoulders, perfect to wear in a special event with a nice dress, and still warm enough for the autumn (60% sillk & 40% wool).

Scarves, this Acne Studios “Canada Grey Melange  was on my wishlist for a while, and couple of days ago, it arrived to my door in perfect timing, because right now the hole Europe is suffering from extremly low temperatures! I choose this one in particular, because of it’s minimalist vibes, it can be paired with any of my coats, grey is also one of my favorites shades to wear during the winter, and of course is unisex (100% wool).

I hope you guys liked this post, and I was able to give you some ideas of where to start. As you may have notice, it is super important to me to invest in quality rather than quantity. I prefer to make smart shopping, get to know the materials and be able to use these pieces in the years to come. As I told you in the beginning, I have a loads of clothes that come from the fast fashion industry, which has it’s good and bad side (like anything) but I think, the ideal would be to able to balance both of them, when we have the opportunity.


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