Classic OOTD | Esp & Fr

Classic OOTD | Esp & Fr

En el post de hoy les quiero enseñar que es lo hago cuando quiero que un outfit sencillo se vea mas elaborado!

Como pueden ver en las fotos, literal no hay nada más básico que una blusa blanca y unos jeans, el secreto es jugar con las texturas y cortes de tus básicos para que se vean más interesantes.

Por eso amo las blusas que tengan encaje, volumen, cortes asimétricos o transparencias. Pasa lo mismo con los jeans, intenta algo diferente a los skinny jeans para darle un aire nuevo/diferente a las cosas!

Que te parece? Los tonos neutros no tienen por que verse aburridos.

 En Français ????????????


Hello! Dans cette article j’aimerais partager comment faire pour transformer une tenue assez simple (haut blanc + jeans) en une tenue plus intéressante.
Mon astuce est de chercher des pièces qui on par exemple de la dentelle, une coupe différente, du volume, peut être transparente ou en décolleté. Ce sont ces petits changements qui font la différence! On a tout de suite l’impression d’être moins « basique ».
La même chose avec les bas, j’essaie des coupes différentes et j’ai aussi l’impression d’être moins répétitive!

T’en pense quoi? Les classiques ne doivent pas être ennuyant.




Todas las fotos pertenecen a toutes les photos partaient à fotos tomadas por: Christophe Bianchi photos: Christophe Bianchi



Hello, my loves! I’m super excited to share with you this post since I finally got my hands on a pair of paper waist trousers!

I knew I wanted a new alternative to jeans, something that could spice things up, but every time I went to ASOS I wasn’t able to get my size.

What I like the most about this trousers is the fact that they’re both office/work wear appropriate and more casual depending on what you want to go for!

I will leave the direct link for the trousers, and some similar versions of the other items, since they’re not from this season.


Trousers from ASOS here

Top (similar) here

shoes here


3 pieces to start your designer collection

3 pieces to start your designer collection


Hello! Today I have a small “guide” to what I think would be excellent pieces to start your designer collection.

Do all my stuff come from designers? Of course not, I’m not at that stade of my life where I can afford everything and anything just because, this is why, I prefer to make smart decisions and choose objects I can easily incorporate to my lifestyle and needs.

I would also start by stating that having designer goods is not a must or an obligation, even if social media shows a distorcionated image of what is “affordable” or a “must have” in your life, you should never feel obliged to consume in any sort of way.

The fashion world moves to an incredible speed, every season you’ll see different trends and IT items, but try to remeber something really essential:


“In a world of trends, always remain a classic”


– Coco Chanel

With this being said, if you’re intrested in incorporating some new designer pieces, but you don’t know where to start, here are a couple of recommendations under 500 dollars that you might enjoy.

Card holders or key holder

You will usually see these pieces in the category of “small leather goods”. I find them super practical and durable. The first one I got was 3 years ago from Louis Vuitton, I got it in the “Damier Ebène” canvas, because it’s my favorite. I store all my must-used cards: ID, credit/debit card, health insurance, gym card, metro card… and it’s super convenient, after 3 years there’s no sign of wear/tear (I’m also pretty attentionated with my stuff).

The second, is a key holder, in their classic LV monogram canvas. I don’t like having my keys loosed inside of my bag, I don’t like the sound, neither the marks they make to the rest of my stuff, I have in total 3 keys and they fit perfectly. Sometimes if I’m in a rush, I just put my debit card inside and I’m good to go.


Belts are always a must, even though we have payed much more effort and attention to them these last seasons, they will be forever needed. Gucci is the star of the show at the moment, with their new double GG logo, witch is super pretty! though this time I went for the old Gucci logo combined with a feminine touch.. a flower and a pearl.

If you’re petite like me, I would highly suggest to go for the smaller details in the buckle and a thinner version of the strap. I want this belt to be part of the outfit but not the main focus.

Shawls & Scarves

Shawls are super versatile, this one is the LV mongram Shawl in the color “Greige” as the name suggests is somewhere between the grey and the beige… anyways a neutral color, my cup of tea! Why I love it so much? It’s perfect for the chilly summer nights when you want something to cover your shoulders, perfect to wear in a special event with a nice dress, and still warm enough for the autumn (60% sillk & 40% wool).

Scarves, this Acne Studios “Canada Grey Melange  was on my wishlist for a while, and couple of days ago, it arrived to my door in perfect timing, because right now the hole Europe is suffering from extremly low temperatures! I choose this one in particular, because of it’s minimalist vibes, it can be paired with any of my coats, grey is also one of my favorites shades to wear during the winter, and of course is unisex (100% wool).

I hope you guys liked this post, and I was able to give you some ideas of where to start. As you may have notice, it is super important to me to invest in quality rather than quantity. I prefer to make smart shopping, get to know the materials and be able to use these pieces in the years to come. As I told you in the beginning, I have a loads of clothes that come from the fast fashion industry, which has it’s good and bad side (like anything) but I think, the ideal would be to able to balance both of them, when we have the opportunity.


All images belong to


#OOTD No.1 from 2018

#OOTD No.1 from 2018

Hello my loves & happy Friday, yes finally the end of the week! I can’t complain we did got some much appreciated sun rays and with that, I finally got the opportunity to get some nice pictures.

With Salomé (@im_salome) we first stop for some lunch in a new place called “Pancs Cafe” (@pancs.lausanne) a lovely and cosy place that yes, as the name suggests, serves pancakes et crêpes, both salty and sugar! My recommendation will be the “Vanilla cake”.

After that, we walked into the streets looking for the perfect place to take nice pictures, we took some at the Church of St. François/Francis and then headed to smaller and less noisy streets.

I didn’t think much about this outfit while getting ready in the morning, but at the end I have to say I really did like this pieces together a lot!

I’ll leave you all the direct links at the end.

Coat: Burberry here (Farfetch) SALE!!

corse top: Pull & Bear (out of stock) similar here (ASOS) SALE!!

trousers: Zara

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (not available any more) similar here (ASOS) SALE!!

sunglasses: Ray Ban

bag: Coach -30% in Antara Mexico City


Jardines de Mexico X Revolve sales

Jardines de Mexico X Revolve sales

Hello everyone and happy 2018! Welcome to the very first post of the year. I hope that so far you had amazing and safe holidays!

As you might have notice if you follow me on Instagram I’m currently in Mexico, more precisely in my hometown Cuernavaca, just a few kilometers away from Mexico City. Cuernavaca is known as the “Everlasting Spring” city, due as the name suggests, it’s beautiful weather. For a whole month I have the luxury of waking up without looking at the weather app, I just have a big and beautiful sun every single day!

I have tried to post as many pictures and stories to share a little bit of my everyday life and adventures here in Mexico, most of the days consist on long coffee dates with my friends, beautiful spots in the city, and of course some #touristystuff, even though I’m a local new places bloom everywhere, and I haven’t been here in a whole year, so I take the time to explore.

Yesterday I went to “Jardines de México” (website) a botanical garden, located 45 minutes away from Cuernavaca, even though it opened a couple of years ago, I didn’t had the chance to visit before. The botanical garden is divided into different themes, for example you have the cactus garden, Italian garden, Japanese garden, tropical garden, and a dome full of orchids.

For my outfit, I wore my new Majorelle CollectionSangria Top” a bare shoulder top that has an open front with tassel tie closures and the “Sunday Skirt” also from Majorelle Collection, a button down skirt that allows to show a little bit of leg.

I bought this outfit from, I had already seen these pieces on their Instagram account during the summer, and few days ago, while wandering on the Revolve App I found out these pieces were on sale! That’s what I call destiny, of course I’ll leave the directs link below.




Special recommendations

– Try to visit the place early to avoid the higher temperatures and sun exposure.

– Sunscreen (obviously)

– For  Revolve download the App and you’ll get -15% off in your first order



Sangria Top & Sunday Skirt

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and consider visiting these beautiful gardens if you’re visiting the region! Also don’t forget to check the Revolve sales.

XX, Katia


all items were bought with my own money and all opinions are my own. all pictures belong to

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