Hello guys! I know long time no see, but I have a good excuse! I have been testing new face masks in the past few weeks, and I gathered my favorites to share them with you! To make everything easier, I made 3 different categories.

I usually do masks 2-3 times a week, and I make sure I exfoliate my skin right before I apply any mask!



Garnier recently launched new tissue masks, and I tried their “black charcoal” version (sorry, but most of the time beauty products in Switzerland, have their labels written in german). I like to use this one to give a detox to my skin. When I’m having breakouts and I feel that my skin needs a serious cleanse, what I like the most, is that my skin doesn’t feel dry after using it, my pores are reduced and of course the prize!

They also have a hydrating version for both sensitive an normal skin, that I haven’t tried yet.


I have 3 different masks for this category, it is simple I love when my skin looks bright and radiant!

I have to say that my favorite has to be the Kiehl’s one! It’s called the “Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask“ it comes in a pack of 4 masks, and it was a jelly-like texture socked in the oils! the mask doesn’t move or slip out of place, after a couple of minutes the ingredients penetrate the skin and your face looks plumped and glowy!

Caudalie “Glycolic Peel” is really nice too! This mask will chemically exfoliate your skin, leaving your face out of dullness, I was using this mask during the winter and I found It kept my skin in optimal conditions!

Estee Lauder “Advanced Night Repair Foil Mask” Prepare to look like Iron Man for a couple of minutes, this mask comes with a foil protection on top of the tissue mask to power the ingredients into the skin, I like how my skin feels after I use it, but due to the price I rather buy the Kiehl’s pack, nevertheless I still use the Estee Lauder “Advanced Repair Serum” religiously every single night!


My last but not least category is all about Moisture! I had the chance to assist to the relaunch of Clinique “Moisture Surge”  moisturizer (it has been on the market for about 30 years!) in Geneva like a month ago, at the Continental Hotel. The event was all about moisture and how to keep our skin in optimal conditions, all the Clinique team was there to explain all the different ways to use the products! we had a water bar, where we chose our perfumed water and we even decorated an Aloe Vera plant!

What I loved about this product is that it can be used as a moisturizer or as a face mask if you apply a thick coat before going to sleep, the next day you feel your skin super hydrated about there’s no sticky residue.

Before applying a generous coat I make sure I spray my face with their “Moisture Surge Face Spray” just as an extra step.

That’s all my dear friends, I hope this article was useful and that maybe you’ll try any of the products! If you do, don’t forget to share your opinions with me! I’ll love to hear them!

lots of love,




DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored article, all products were bought with my own money, except for the Clinique products, they were kindly gifted to me during the event, nevertheless I was in no obligation to talk about them, I just happened to really like them.

all picture where taken from the internet and edited by me



Hello my loves, today I’m going to talk about my favorite foundation, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

I’m going to start by stating that my favorite kind of makeup, is the “No makeup, makeup”. I prefer to enhance my features, rather than hide my skin under tons of makeup, it’s just a personal preference and I think a natural makeup suits everyone.

I always have had a love-hate relationships with foundations, I love how they look when they’re freshly applied, but after a couple of hours I hate how some of them make my skin look! When you accidentally pass by a mirror in a store or go to public bathrooms (usually light is pretty horrible in those places ) and you see how your foundation has set into the dry patches, you have no makeup on your chin anymore (you can find the remains of it in your scarf or the corners of your jacket) or it even makes you look super oily… like honestly, I’d rather just NOT wear any foundation!

So, my solution was pretty simple, I was just using concealer in the areas that need more coverage, until I found this gem! Seriously this foundation is a game changer for me. I love how my skin looks with this product and I have been using it for about 4-5 months now.

Ok here we go with the technical features

I took this image from the Giorgio Armani website because I want you to see how they describe. This is one of those rare occasions where I actually agree with what is written on the bottle. The only thing I do differently is the application. Instead of using a blender brush I always use a beauty blender/beauty sponge for applying my foundation, and I don’t think I’ll change that.

I use shade number 5 and I think it suits me pretty well. I don’t set my makeup with powder so I can’t give you a review on that, but honestly, I don’t feel this foundation makes my skin shinny in a gross way after a couple of hours of wear. I do get oily sometimes but nothing major. Even when I’m not wearing foundation this happens, so I don’t see this as an issue caused by the foundation. Anyways I always carry with me blotting papers, and even just tapping those areas with a Kleenex will do the trick.

As for the wear and last of the foundation I am truly realistic, it’s only makeup guys of course it won’t last 24 hours. With that in mind, I do think that the lasting power is okay on this product. When I come home in the evening I am not angry with the way my makeup looks. Of course somedays I’ll look better than others but I don’t think the foundation is the only thing responsable for that!

If I’m going out in the evening, I like to remove all my makeup, and do everything from scratch. I think is the best way to do it if you have the time! If I don’t have enough time (which ends up being 90% of the time I go out) then I’ll just generously spray my face with Caudelie beauty water, and spot conceal the areas that I need.

As you may have noticed I’m pretty chill with what I expect from a foundation, this is because I mostly rely on my skincare routine if I want to my skin to look good! I think skincare is the most important step if you want your makeup to look pretty. I don’t have a perfect skin, but over the years I learned what type of products my skin enjoys and which ones it’d rather just not touch. And of course I’m not a teenager anymore so my skin is a lot easier to manage.

The only negative feature of this foundation is the bottle. You never know how much product you have left because of the matte finish on the bottle. Other than that I would highly recommend you give this product a try. I know for sure I’ll use this foundation on my wedding day next year.

I would love to know what is your favorite foundation!


Love, Katia

In Switzerland:

Globus here

worldwide shipping:

FeelUnique here

all pictures were taken from the official website, and then I edit them with the iPad Pro & iPencil



Hello guys, last week I had my mom visiting me, and we did some shopping together. One of her favorite brands is Estée Lauder, so we passed to the counter at Globus. I realized they already have exposed their gift sets, and one that caught my attention were their lip kits.

Most of the times when I see makeup gifts sets, I find that I don’t love all the products included, but in the “AFTER HOURS THE NUDE LIP” set I loved all the products! I mostly used nude colors like this, so I thought it was a very advantageous offer since you only pay the price of one lipstick (CHF 44.00) and you get two full size products and a smaller lip liner.

They also had a red and pink set, if the nude version is not your thing, I thought it was a good idea to make this post in advance because, this year I want to buy the Christmas gifts I want to offer in advance, so I don’t have to rush to the crowded stores, and is more budget friendly to buy them little by little.

I couldn’t find the link to shop this sets online, so you might just need to stop buy to see what’s available in your favorite counter, see you next  week!





Salut tout monde! La semaine dernière j’ai eu la chance d’avoir ma maman avec moi, et on a fait un peu de shopping ensemble. Une de ses marques préférées c’est Estee Lauder, alors on est passées chez Globus. J’ai remarqué qu’ils ont déjà commencé à exposer leurs coffrets cadeaux pour la saison des fêtes, et un qui a attiré  mon attention c’était celui des rouges à lèvres.

La plus part du temps quand on achète ou on reçois un coffret cadeaux il y des produits qu’on n’aime pas forcément, mais on prends juste parce que l’offre était attirante. Dans le cas du “AFTER HOURS THE NUDE LIP” set, j’ai adoré touts les produits, il s’aggit d’un ensemble de rouge à lèvre et lipgloss, taille normale, et un liner aussi pour les lèvres un peu plus petit, en tonalités nude. En effet, l’offre est assez attractive pour 44.00 CHF (le prix d’un rouge à lèvres) vous avez ce coffret.

Ce set existe aussi avec des couleurs rouges et roses, si jamais le nude n’est pas votre style. J’ai cru que c’était une  bonne idée de faire ce post assez à l’avance pour vous donnez quelques idées et éviter faire de tout en vitesse pendant les ventes nocturnes avec tout le monde pressé de faire ses cadeaux. Cette année, j’aimerais m’y prendre en avance et faire mes cadeaux au fur à mesure, car c’est aussi plus agréable pour notre budget.

Malheureusement  cette fois il n’y a pas des links pour acheter en ligne ces coffrets mais faites un tour dans votre comptoir préféré pour voir les offres disponibles, un bisou et à la semaine prochaine.



All images belong to lecorbeaublanc.com, they were taken by me, and calligraphy was made by me.

Handbag must haves | eng & fr

Handbag must haves | eng & fr

Hello lovelies, today I want to share my must indispensable items on my handbag. I do often change my handbags depending on what I’m doing, but every single time I find myself graving these pieces.

Coucou à tous, aujourd’hui j’aimerais partager avec vous les indispensables pour mon sac à main, je change souvent mes sacs, mais à chaque fois je prends ces produits avec moi.

I like to take products that are travel friendly and versatile, my first choice is a hand sanitizer, at the moment I’m using this one from AESOP, it’s a brand that uses natural ingredients. This product has a light smell of mandarin, at the beginning I didn’t liked it, but now I come to appreciate the smell.

j’aime prendre avec moi des produits qui sont facile à transporter et versatile, mon premier choix est un désinfectant pour les mains, en ce moment j’ai celui-ci de chez AESOP, qui est une marque qui utilise dès ingrédients naturels. Ce désinfectant à un léger parfum à la mandarine, au début j’étais pas une fan, mais maintenant je me suis habituée à lui.

The second choice is a roll- on perfume, for this I highly recommend going to Sephora because they always have a big assortment of roll on fragances, or maybe next time you buy any beauty product, ask to have some simple sizes of their perfumes. I have loads in all of my handbags.

Mon deuxième choix est un parfum en format roll-on, je vous conseille de regarder chez Sephora car ils ont toujours des produits version voyage, malheureusement à Lausanne leur assortiment des parfums n’est pas si grand comme dans les autres pays. Si non demandez toujours des échantillons des parfums quand vous faites vos achats de beauté. J’ai toujours plein de flacons dans mes sacs.

Last but not least the beauty bits, first the lipbalm, it’s super important and right now I’m testing this one from KIEHL’S, I got this one thanks to their recycling program, every time you give back an empty product they sign your card and once you reached a certain amount you get a luxury simple size product.

Et enfin les produits maquillage, d’abord le baume pour les levres, en ce moment je teste celui de chez KIEHL’S. J’ai eu ce baume grâce à leur programme de recyclage, il faut juste amener vos produits vides et demander la carte pour voir une signature, ça dépend du nombre de produits qu’on amène on reçois une echantillon taille de luxe.

And finally Benetint from Benefit, is a bestseller product from the brand, so I think must of you know this product already, but if it’s not the case, it’s lip and cheek stain, don’t get scared of the bright red color, when applied to the skin it turn to a rosy color, like if you just finish running or blushed to a compliment.

Pour finir, je vous montre le Benetint de chez Benefit, c’est un produit très connu de la marque, peut-être que vous connaissez déjà, mais si non, c’est blush en format liquide qui tient toute la journée, n’aient pas peur de la couleur rouge, car quand on l’applique sur la peu, on a une couleur rose très naturelle, comme si on venait de finir le sport où quand on rougis.

So that’s it for today, don’t forget to share with me what are your must haves for your bag?

c’est tout pour aujourd’hui, n’oubliez pas de me partager vos produits indispensables

All pictures belong to lecorbeaublanc.com all opinions are my own toutes les photos appartient à lecorbeaublanc.com et elle sont toutes mes opinions 


Finally a post on the blog it feels so good to properly right in here. So for today I thought I will share my 5 favorite moisturizers, I love them all, and use either one or another depending how I’m feeling my skin or what product I have on stock at that moment.

I have to make a little disclaimer, what suits my skin might not suit yours or your needs. For the most my skin is very sensitive, it can sometimes reacts weirdly by some products, so far I have no issues with any of the products mentioned here. Another thing to take into consideration is my skin type: Normal, sometimes is dryer like in the colder months, and it can get oily once we get to more hot or humid temperatures.

En fin je peux écrire sur le blog et je suis tellement heureuse. Aujourd’hui j’aimerai partager avec vous mes 5 crèmes hydratantes préférés, je les adores toutes, mais il va dependre de comment je sens ma peu et quelle produits j’ai à la main pour faire mon choix.

j’ai une petite annonce à faire, ceux qui marche pour moi, peut parfois ne pas fonctionner pour les autres et ses besoins. Pour la plupart des temps ma peu est super sensible, et je peux reagir assez mal à certains produits, jusqu’à présent pas des soucis avec les produits que je vais vous partager. Une autre chose à prendre en consideration c’est ma type de peau et voir si c’est similaire à la votre: la mienne est normal dans le sens, où elle peut être un peu seche pendant les mois plus froids et plus grasse quand le mois chaleureux arrive où avec les environnements humides.


1. Antipodes. First of all I recommend this brand to everyone that looks for a brand that is animal friendly, and wants to use more natural ingredients. I use both their day and night cream in the winter months. They will suit perfectly the dry skin types. In the morning I will use their Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream, I let it sit on my face for a couple of minutes, to let the product sink and then do my makeup, I don’t find it makes my makeup look greasy. By night I’ll use the Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, this one is thicker than the day cream, so a little amount is more than enough.

It can be a little bit tricky to find the products since it’s a brand that comes from New Zelande, but you can order them via Feel Unique, an online store and ships worldwide many makeup and beauty brands.


Celle ci, c’est une marque qui est idéal pour les gens qui cherche une marque avec des ingrédients plus naturels et qui ne teste pas sur les animaux. J’utilise les deux soins du matin et soir quand l’hiver arrive, ils sont parfaits pour les peaux sèches. Le matin j’applique la crème à la vanille, je la laisse agir dans ma peau un moment avant de me maquiller, je ne trouve pas qu’elle dérange ni l’application ni le résultat final à cause de sa texture plus riche. Le soir j’applique leur crème à l’avocat, qui est encore plus riche que l’autre, alors avec un petite cantite c’est plus que assez.

Il peut être un peu compliqué de trouver cette marque, car elle vient de la Nouvelle Zeland et en tout cas en Suisse il n’y a pas encore une vrai magasin pour ses produits, vous pouvez les commander via Feel Unique, c’est un site qui reunis énormément des marques de beauté et maquillage et qui livre partout au monde. Et si jamais à Lausanne il éxiste une petite sélection de ces produits au Pharmacie Plus au Flon.


2. KIEHL’S: I don’t have enough good things to say about this moisturizer, I can only see good things. First of all it is suitable for men and women; no greasy texture, but the skin feels plumpled and hydrated; I can use it AM and PM. I recommend this one for normal to dry skin types. Don’t worry on missing out this product because they also have an oil free version, for those you have a more combination/oily skin.

J’ai juste des bonnes choses à dire sur ce produit, je vois que le côté possitif tellement je l’aime. Juste pour commencer ce produit peut être utilisé autant par les hommes que les femmes; sa texture n’est pas du tout grasse, mais au même temps la peu se sens repeuplé et hydrate au max; Je peux l’utiliser le matin et le soir. Je conseille se produit plutôt pour les peaux normaux avec une tendance à la sécheresse. Mais vous inquiétez pas de rater ce produit si votre peau et aussi du côté grass, car il existe aussi la version oil free.


3. CLINIQUE: Pep Start SPF 20 moisturizer. I bought this one in the travel format, because I wanted to see how it worked, and now it never leaves my gym bag. If I go to the gym in the morning I tend to get ready there, so this moisturizer saves me time bacause it absorbs super fast and the SPF is already included, though if I’m home I still apply a proper layer of SPF. Clinique is specializes in sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Au début j’ai acheté cette crème en format voyage pour tester un peu, maintenant il ne quitte plus mon sac de sport. De fois ça m’arriver d’aller faire du sport le matin, du coup je finis pour me préparer la bas, ce produit m’économise beaucoup des temps car l’absorption et rapide et il a la protection solaire 20. Quand je suis à la maison j’applique de toute façon une protection solaire en plus. Clinique est une marque especialisé sur les peaux très sensibles alors normalement il n’y a pas de quoi s’inquiéter.


4. ESTEE LAUDER: Last but not least, a classic, the day wear is a cream that has been out there for a while now, What I like the most is the idea of the anti-oxidant properties of the cream, I also find it fresh with the smell of cucumbers and the light green tint. I recommend buying products from Estee Lauder specially towards the Christmas season, they always have a promotion where if you buy for an X amount, you get a makeup bag filled with luxury size samples, so you can try even more products.

Le dernière, vient d’une marque classique Estee Lauder, cette crème ça fait un moment qui existe, et ce que j’aime en particulière c’est ses effets anti-oxidants, ça me donne l’impression de bien proteger ma peau. Il a un odeur agréable et frais au concombre, il a aussi en teint légèrement vert. Je vous conseiller vivement d’acheter les produits Estee Lauder surtout pendant la saison de Noël, leur coffre cadeaux sont super et si tu dépenses une X quantité, je crois 80 CHF, tu peux avoir leur trousse de maquillage rempli des échantillons, format de luxe. Une bonne idée pour essayer encore plus des produits. 
































DISCLAIMER, All the products where bought with my own money, and all the opinions are mine. The pictures on this post belong to lecorbeaublanc.com and where taken by me. Please let's respect other people's job. NOTE, tous les produits ont été acheté par moi et toutes les opinions sont les miennes. Les photos sur cette articles appartient à lecorbeaublanc.com et elle ont été pris par moi. SVP respectons le travail des autres

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