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Le Corbeau Blanc was founded in June 2017, by Katia Cuervo interior design student, passionate for the fashion and beauty industry. Katia is Mexican, but since 2015, she’s stablished in the French region of Switzerland, in the beautiful city of Lausanne, where the idea of creating a space where she’ll be able to share with others her passion was born.

Since the beginning Christophe Bianchi, has been in charge of the photography and a huge part of the  content that is published in the rest of the social media platforms.

We hope that lecorbeaublanc.com will provide a source of inspiration and amusement to the reader.

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Please note that Banner Ads are available on the blog. If you think that www.lecorbeaublanc.com will be a great way to reach your future clients, please send us an email to know the conditions and pricing.

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