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My experience with long distance relationships

My experience with long distance relationships

Hello guys, I’m sorry I skipped last week’s post and I know it has been a couple of days since my last update. December has definitely been kicking me in the derrière as I’ve been trying to balance work with life and Christmas travel plans. It was not an easy month and as you guys know I prefer to write a blogpost only when I know I have the time to post quality content rather than posting nonsenses.

In this post I want to share my experiences, and my tips, on how I keep healthy and durable long distance relantionships with my loved ones. As you may know (or maybe this is new information for some of you guys) I’m Mexican and I have lived in Switzerland for almost 2.5 years now. I know, I know, two and a half years does not seem like a SUPER long time, but it has been enough time to help me realize that family and friends are super important, they’re basically everything.

So this post is dedicated to those people whom I miss terribly. These are all the lessons I have learnt in the short yet excruciatingly long time we have spent apart.

Accept new people in your life

Once you move out of your comfort zone – it may be to a different country or town, maybe a new university, or even out of your parents house– you might need to make an extra effort to get to know more people around you. This can depend a lot on many factors, including the country, the culture, or the language of the place you are at. These aspects might be different from what you are used to, but try to adjust to your new life. Once you open yourself up to new opportunities and create a circle of acquaintances, friends and activities, it is much much easier to stop being homesick.

Give new people a chance! Just remember, everyone always starts out as an acquaintance. But most importantly, give YOURSELF a chance to embrace others around you and try to make them a part of your life. It might come as a surprise to you that you’ll compare the new people in your life to the ones who have basically always been there, but here is a golden rule I learnt the hard way: don’t compare them with other friends– each person has it’s unique way to show their love.


Don’t establish rules

We all want to spend time with our loved ones and making plans seems to be the way to do it. But don’t try to emforce a schedule on “when” and “how” you will communicate with those who are far away. We have an amazing advantage that no other generation has ever enjoyed before, we have social media and thank God for that.

It will depend on how far away you have moved, and if you have a considerable time difference– I for example am 7 time zones away from my family and friends. You must understand that sometimes it won’t be possible to answer messages or calls right away …. AND IT’S OKAY! My friends and I have adjusted through the years and have found that the easiest way to communicate is through voice messages. What makes these optimal is that you can basically share 20-minute long stories (yes I plead GUILTY) and your friends can listen and respond whenever they get a chance. It takes off the pressure of having to literally be there 24/7.

Take it easy, if you have something to share just write or record the message, and eventually you’ll get a message back. Trying to force people into a set communication system might work for a while, BUT believe me the day will come when either of you won’t be able to make it, and you might feel disappointed of a system you created.

Social media is amazing

As I mentioned above, this is a huge advantage in our generation, and it’s amazing how connected you can feel with those around you. Maybe it’s a message or a call, a tag on a funny meme, or just a photo on Instagram, you can almost instantly know what your friends are doing and I think this can make long distance relationships easier.

If you’re reading this you might already know that I’m really active on Instagram, I post pictures and stories every single day, and I love it.

I have the added fortune that most my friends are super active as well, but I do understad that some people might not like being on social media that much. So I do take a moment to send a voicenote or a message just to check in on how they’re doing in a more personal way.

People change

People will change all the time, sometimes you’re going to be there to witness the moment, sometimes you won’t. Sometimes you’re the one that is going to change, and this might take people in different directions.

This too is also very normal, and sometimes it has nothing to do with the distance. With time you will realize friends that once where super close to you are now doing completely different things. I will just advice you to cherish the moments you spent together and be happy for them.

Who knows, maybe at some point you might be able to see each other again. I have a good example: Since I started lecorbeaublanc.com and Instagram account, old acquaintances from school have reached out to me and I have been able to talk to them more so than before. Maybe I’ll be able to see a couple of them now that I’m in Mexico for the Holidays. I wasn’t particulary close to them back then, but if today they’re offering me their time and friendship, of course I’ll accept it.

When you come back home

This is me right now while writting this post. I’m currently home in my room, a room that is full of memories like sleepovers with my friends, coming back from a party, midnight confessions… You know, the list goes on and on…

I set on my mind and in my heart that every time I’ll be back home, I will enjoy it. I’m going too see friends and family that will have the time to see me, most of them know I’m here, for those who are a little bit forgetful I did write them to remind them I was coming back for a few days.

I want to return to Switzerland knowing that I was able to spend good times with my friends rather than forcing people into seeing me just because I’m here. Some of my friends work so their time with me is much more limited, and some of them are on holidays with their families, and I don’t take it personally.

Early this morning I was brunching with one of my friends and she told me this:

”Sometimes we hang on things way too much. Sometimes it is a person, an experience, a certain place or a choice.

Enjoy what you have and enjoy what you’re living in the moment. Maybe you will get a chance to experience those things you cherish again and again, or maybe not. Maybe you’ll get that one thing you so much desired, maybe not. Maybe you’ll achive all of the things you expected, maybe not.

Let life surprise you once in a while. Don’t hang on in a hour, a moment or a condition. Live without waiting or being waited on.

Free from prejudices or anticipated ideas that might lead to unnecessary worries. Just live.

Work for the things you want, and do your best.

Say thanks to the opportunity of being with that one friend, that coffee date, that night out, that candlelit dinner.

Nothing stays the same, everything passes, everything transforms itself.”

Each relationship is unique

I still have another experience that convinces me every single day that there’s no distance or time that can separate friends.

For almost 7 years now, I keep a friendship that is quite unique, and at the beginning it was hard for people to understand. Seven years ago I met my now amazing friend thanks to her old YouTube videos. If I share this story now it’s like super normal, but believe me 7 years ago, everyone thought it was super weird.

Her name is Milena, a Russian girl living in Tokio. We used to Skype (when Skype was a thing) religiously every Saturday morning just like you will go and grab some coffee with a friend. We would talk about our schools, how our countries were different or similar, our friends, everything… After two years of friendship I visited her in Tokio, and it was amazing! Up until now it has been the one and only time we have ever met in person. I hope this might change in the future, but still Milena is as close to me as any other of my friends. We can’t Skype anymore on Saturday mornings but we still call each other quite frequently.

Proving all of what I have stated above.


I hope that this post might help you if you’re struggling with moving out/coming back home and can make your process a little bit easier. Remember, this is more easily said than done. Most of us are always expecting something, and it takes a moment to realize that only God’s timing is perfect.






Hello guys!

I really had a very cold and hectic week, but finally, I’m here in my warm amd cosy bed writing this post for you.

I’m sure you have heard about Stuart Weitzman boots before, in particular their over the knee boots or OTK boots for short, we can see them everywhere on magazines and social media, they have now become a staple for the fall and winter seasons, and there’s a good reason… they’re stunning! They’re are not only the statement pieces of an outfit, they also make your legs look super slim and elongated because they hug your legs in the right places.

So, last year during the fall I saw these boots in many outfits of the English bloggers that I adore, but every single time that I went to the website, and browse their selection, I wondered if the hype of these boots was worth it. If was going to use them in the years to come?, If the prize and the quality of the boots are proportional? And I didn’t want to spend my money in a trend that after a year no one is going to remember.

A year later, this trend is still going strong for the colder seasons, and many other brands have decided to include the over the knee trend in their F/W collection.

– En français –

Salut tout à tous! J’ai eu vraiment une semaine très chargée, mais en fin je suis chez moi en train d’écrire ce post pour vous.

J’en suis sûre que vous avez déjà peut être entendu parler de la marque Stuart Weitzman, plus précisément de ses boots ou comment récemment j’appris le mot cuissardes. Déjà, l’année dernière je les ai vu chez beaucoup de blogueses anglaises que j’adore, mais à chaque fois que je suis allée voir sur leur site web, j’avais constament certaines questions: Si c’était juste des chaussures du moment ou si je pourrais les utiliser dans les saisons à venir? Si le prix et la qualité des chaussures sont elles proportionnelles? 

Une année plus tarde je me rendre compte que en fait les cuissardes sont pas vraiment juste une tendence, mais en fait cette saison je les ai vu plus que jamais! De même plusieures marques les ont aussi adoptées dans leurs collections.


About the brand

Stuart A. Weitzman, born in 1941, he is an American shoe designer, entrepreneur and founder of the shoe company, Stuart Weitzman. He has been credited with making the most expensive shoes in the world, and has designed footwear for Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

In May 2017, the brand named Giovanni Morelli as the Creative Director (he has held various roles at Prada, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Chloé). They had Gigi Hadid as face of the brand last year as well as this year, in collaboration with her they designed a pair of mules, for their collection “Look Good, Do Good” that will help to build three additional schools with Pencils of Promise, an organization dedicated to making quality education accessible to kids everywhere.

The shoes are made in Spain.

– En Français –

Stuart A. Weitzman, né en 1941, est un designer American de chaussures, entrepreneur et fondateur de sa compagnie des chaussures Stuart Weitzman. Il a aussi élaboré des modèles pour des célébrités comme Beyoncé et Taylor Swift.

En Mai 2017, la marque a nomé Giovanni Morelli comme leur Director Créative (Il a eu des autres postes avec des autres marques comme Prada, Burberry, Marc Jacobs et Chloé). Gigi Hadid top model et It Girl a collaboré avec eux comme leur embassatrice et ils ont même créé ensembles une paire de mules pour bénéficier la fondation Pencils of Promise, une organisation dédiée à faire l’éducation plus accesible à des enfats défavorisés.

Les chaussures sont faites en Espagne.

My choice: The Tieland boot

Stuart Weitzman categorize their boots according to the size of the heel, starting with the Lowland boot with 3cm heel, then the Midland (new) with 4.3 cm, following with the Tieland with a 7.4 cm, and finally the Highland 9cm heel.

Last winter I went back to Mexico to spend the holidays with my family, we where wandering around in Antara a shopping mall in Mexico City, and I stumbled across the Weitzman store… long story short the boots were my Christmas gift. I was over the moon when I got these shoes, I even came back to Switzerland with the huge purple box they came with.

Chosing the color and the style of boot was kind of simple, their color scheme is very neutral, I didn’t went for black because the I wanted something more “fun” and that won’t contrast in a strong way with the rest of the colors of my wardrobe, I didn’t went for a light option either, because I was not sure how the materials will keep up with stains, so for me the best option was a dark gray shade called “slate”. For the heel it was a the same story I wanted something versatile, and I thought a 7.4 cm was a comfortable option, I do walk a lot so I wanted to be able to walk and have a heel.

I went crazy over Pinterest and search for outfit inspirations, my favorite way to wear them is with skirts and mini dresses, I think is a perfect way to still be able to wear your more summery fashion pieces and mix them with more appropriate fall/winter shoes. Since the boots are long enough to cover up to the middle of your thighs, and most of the times skirts and mini dresses stop there too, you just have a little line of skin showing or sometimes nothing showing at all, so, you’re more than cover and warm for the cold months.

– En Français –

La marque catégorise ses cuissardes par à port à la hauteur de ses talons, pour commencer il y a les Lowland avec 3cm de talon, en suite les Midland (nouveauté) avec 4.3 cm, après les Tieland avec 7.4 cm en finalement les Highland avec 9 cm de talon, il est aussi un talon plus fin que les autres.

L’hiver passé je suis rentrée chez moi au Mexique et pendant qu’on s’est baladé en Mexico City dans un centre commerciale avec ma famille et on a vu le magasin… en bref, j’ai eu la chance de les recevoir comme cadeux de Noël. J’étais tellement heureuse! Je suis même rentrée en Suisse avec l’énorme boîte violet.

Pour choisir la couleur c’était assez simple, je ne voulais pas du noir ni une autre couleur trés claire…. donc un gris foncé était une bonne choix, la couleur s’appelle slate. Pour le talon la même histoire, on connaît les rues Lausannoises les filles, elles sont belles mais elle sont pas faites pour marcher en talons! Plusieures d’être nous ont eu le malheure d’abimer nos beaux talons en essayent de marcher. Alors un talon de 7,4 cm à était une choix raisonnable.

Je suis allée directement sur Pinterest pour trouver des inspirations à mettre avec mes nouvelles cuissardes, les options sont vraiment variées, ont peux rester très décontractées mais chic ou vraiment super bien habillées, a vous de voir ceux qui vous conviennent.

Wear and tear

After almost one year of having these boots, I honestly can say that they look brand new, I am careful and I spray them with Crep protector (I’ll talk about it later).

Suede is a beautiful material but it can be a pain to keep it looking nice, I wear them occasionally since they’re more of an statement piece than an everyday bootie, so that’s also a reason why they’re still in impeccable condition, I’m also attentive of not using them if we have the snow or heavy rain, I prefer to use other type of shoe in these cases.

The spray at I use is called Crep, and it’s amazing! It’s a stain repellent that acts like a barrier between the shoe and either the water or other potential stains, the water just stays on top of the shoe and you just brush it away! It is more expensive than the regular stain repellents but OMG this is so worth it. I protect all my suede shoes with it. Go watch their video on Youtube, they test the repellent in a very extreme way… Even though I will never put my shoes on test the way they do, it’s nice to know they’re protected against ketchup!

– En Français –

Après d’une année je peux constater que mes cuissardes ont l’air impacable, je fais aussi très attention à quand et où je les porte, mais en vérité les matériaux sont de trés bonne qualité. 

Pour les proteger j’utlitise le spray de Crep, j’ai trouvé chez Ochsner Sport et ça veut vraiment le peine, le prix est un peu plus élévé mais je fais totalement confiance jusqu’à maintenant. Si vous allez sur Youtube, vous pouvez voir les tests qu’ils font avec ce produit c’est hallucinant, perso je ne mettrai pas mes chaussures à telles conditions… mais c’est bon à savoir.


I think these boots are worth every penny! The quality of the materials are amazing, the suede is butter soft and resistant, they keep their shape and won’t sag over time. The soles are thick and very resistant too.

As I said I do walk a lot, and the streets in Lausanne have pebble stone tiles everywhere, I mean the streets look beautiful and have this european/medieval vibes, but they’re a pain in the ass to walk in, and your dainty precious high heels will be forever ruined… #beenthere.

If you’re looking to invest in a good pair of boots look in this direction, you won’t be disappointed.

If I ever got the chance to have a second pair, I will choose the Highline version in a camel color, maybe one day!

I hope my review was useful don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

– En Français –

Je crois que cette paire de cuissardes veut vraiment la peine, j’ai rien à dire sur la qualité car le daim est tellemt doux et résistant, elles ne se déforment pas, et elles restent en place. La semelle est épaisse et aussi tràs resistante à l’usure des rues Lausannoises.

Si vous décidez d’investir votre argent sur cette marque, je ne pense pas que vous serez déçues. Si un jour je pourrais avoir l’opportunité d’avoir une deuxième paire, peut être que je penserais à la version Highland en couleur camel… Qui sait?

J’espère que ce post à était d’utilité pour quelques unes, n’hésitez pas à mes laisser vos commentaires ou questions! 

Where to buy?

Stuart Weitzman website   🌎

Farfetch.com 🌎

MyTheresa.com 🌎

Bongénie Grieder 🇨🇭

Olivier François Ausoni 🇨🇭

Antara 🇲🇽




“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

– Maya Angelou


Hello guys, I thought long and hard this weekend about what I wanted this week’s post to be about. I still wanted to write an article about Christmas gifts, but wanted to add on items that contribute in one way or another to a good cause. I found several items while browsing either on social media or the internet and I have decided to include my favorites  in this post. I hope that these items inspire you to treat a special someone while still collaborating with charitable causes.

I tried to add items that target different price points and a variation of charitable causes. You can find all the links to the websites in this article so that you can check out all the details about each cause’s amazing contributions, and you can shop for these items if you wish to do so.

Disclaimer: none of the links in this article are affiliated links. This post was simply written to help you guys with your Christmas shopping.

Lush Charity Pot



The “Charity Pot” is a cruelty free hand a body cream made from fair trade ingredients. Every time you purchase a charity pot Lush donates 100% of its proceeds (except for TAX) to its charitable foundation “NEW CHARITY POT” that aims at helping different causes that advocate for both human and animal rights.



The retail price for 240ml of this cream is 30.00 CHF

Click here to buy this product, and here to know more about Lush’s charitable giving.

If you happen to know of a cause that could benefit from some extra charitable donations you can enroll this cause in Lush’s program if they meet certain requirements.

here application guideline in english.

here application guideline in french

also read about the 3 actual projects Lush is supporting in Switzerland.

I think this can be an excellent gift for the skincare junkie in your life. I have personally bought this cream several times and I can tell you for a fact I never get enough of it. It is extra rich in moisturizing natural ingredients (such as cacao and shea butter) and it smells absolutely amazing.


I Believe in Dog Sweater by Wild at Heart Foundation x Estee Lalonde

You might have heard about Estee Lalonde, famous English Youtuber, blogger and lover of her adopted Greyhound “Reggie.” But did you know that she has collaborated with the Wild at Heart Foundation? A foundation that funds and supports animal welfare projects all over the world! Well, Lalonde and WHF came up with a super cute and comfy sweater that stars Reggie the Greyhound.



The price for this sweater is 50£. Buy it.

The cool features about this sweater is that it is made from 100% fairtrade/organic cotton, and 100% of the profits will go directly to the foundation to help animals. If you wish to see other sweater designs and products  you can click here.

This sweater can make a perfect gift for the crazy animal lover in your life, or also your inner Netflix binger… I know I am getting one for myself! You can’t blame a girl for wanting to stay in style while still being comfy this Holiday Season.

Wild at Heart Foundation website

Allure Sauvage


I recently discovered this new Swiss brand (it might not be a new discovery for some but it definitely was for me). Well, Allure Sauvage is coming up with a new handbag design made from strictly pineapple textiles. You heard me! PINEAPPLES! This means the bag is free from plastics and leather.



What I love about this Kickstarter is that you can decide how much money you want to donate to this campaign. Contributions vary from 10 CHF to 1000 CHF, so there is something for everyone. For example, with a 10 CHF contribution you can get a thank you video for helping kick-start this campaign. If you wish to purchase the actual bag you will have to contribute 175 CHF.

If you want to learn more about this campaign you can click here to go directly to their Kickstarter. In this image you can see all the details and the different formulas for rewards they have designed.


This gift will be perfect for that special someone who loves eco/cruelty free fashion AND vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

I will be soon posting an article just about this handbag with all the details about the material, the size, styling tips and of course what can you fit in the bag!

Get to know the brand a little bit more and browse their website.

Louis Vuitton x UNICEF


Ok so now we are moving into the big leagues. Who hasn’t heard of UNICEF and Louis Vuitton? Well, although these upcoming items are more expensive than the rest, maybe you can treat yourself or a loved one to one of these pieces.

This campaign aims to help children in precarious situations, like children living in refugee camps in Jordan. As of 2015, there are 8 million kids living in refugee camps, and that number is rapidly rising. By contributing in kind donations, UNICEF can help a large amount of children living in these dangerous circumstances. I will leave the video of their campaign For you to check it out.



The first bracelet is their “silver lockit color” for 250 euros, where 100 euros will go directly to UNICEF.


The second bracelet is all silver, for 500 CHF, where 200 CHF will go directly to UNICEF.


Finally, the necklace, this one is made of silver and it goes for 600 CHF, 200 CHF will go to UNICEF’s cause.

I advise you to call or visit your local LV boutique to check their availability, or place an order if it is necessary.

If you want to make a direct donation to UNICEF official page just click (minimum donation starting at 50 dlls).




I hope I was able to provide you with different ideas for your gift list. Remember that these are not the only brands or charitable causes you can support, but these are the ones I thought were cool.

Share in the comments below or in my social media if you know about other brands or products that you’d like to share with everyone. The more people know about these the better!

See y’all next week!


More gift ideas and good causes










Hello lovelies! Today I have a new section that I wish to add to my Blog, and it will be about my favorite “things” that I’m loving at the moment. This might sound familiar to many, if you follow other Bloggers or Youtubers, some of them tend to do this section every single month to share what they’re currently enjoying.

My intention is NOT to make them every single month because I tend to stick to same items for a long period of time, if I really love them, and I don’t want to repeat myself all the time. With this being said, I would also like to mention and I’ll like to include not only beauty or fashion items but also other things such as experiences, emotions,  places, movies or whatever I’ll find myself lusting for.


Coucou tout monde, j’ai une nouvelle section que j’aimerais ajouté au blog, il s’agit de mes “chooses” favoris du moment, autrement dit mes “coups de coeur” mais j’aime absolument pas cette phrase, donc je vais pas l’utiliser. Mon intention est de faire des posts comme ça de temps en temps, car si d’habitude j’aime quelque  chose je l‘utilise pendant longtemps.

Dans ce type de posts j’aimerais vous partager non seulement des produit beauté, mais aussi des certaines expériences, endroits, films, divers objets…. Fin bref, tout ceux que je pourrais trouver intéressant dans le moment.


I ditched my foundations for a moment, I find that during the colder months, I really don’t like heavy makeup bases because I’m constantly taking off sweaters, scarves or rubbing my face against the sides of my jackets, and that means I’m putting my foundation all over my clothes. We all know this is not very aesthetically pleasing…

So my best allies are concealers! I have two at the moment Maybelline “Age Rewind” & By Terry “Stylo Expert click stick”.


Pour le moment le fond de teint est dans l’oublie, car pendant l’hiver je n’aime pas beaucoup la sensation d’avoir une base très couvrante et surtout que  je suis toujours en train de mettre/élever pulls, écharpes ou bonnets, alors j’ai  plutôt l’impression que je laisse tout mon maquillage sur mes habits….

Alors mes alliés sont les caches à cernes, car je peux avoir une couvrance plus précise sans le mettre partout! En ce moment j’utilise celui de Maybelline “Age Rewind” et celui de By Terry “Stylo Expert click stick”

I honestly gravitate more towards the Maybelline concealer, the formula is light, coverage and lasting are nice. I use it under the eyes, around the nose, and any other areas where I’m red or have a breakout.

The By Terry concealer is more of a “foundation stick”, so the formula is thicker and I need my fingers to properly warm & spread the product on my face, so I find I spent more time doing my makeup this way.  I use this one when I’m going on a night out or if I want more coverage in some specific places.


Honnêtement j’utilise plus souvent celui de Maybelline, car la formule est légère, la couvrance et la tenue sont bonnes, je le mets principalement sous les yeux (évidemment), autour de mon nez, et peut-être pour couvrir  une autre imperfection genre un bouton. 

Le produit de By Terry est plutôt un sort de fond de teint en format solide, alors la consistance est plus épaisse, j’ai besoin de plus de temps pour bien travailler le produit dans mon visage (avec mes doigts), mais la couvrance est plutôt haute, alors je l’utilise si je vais sortir le soir ou comme ça.

On the other hand,  I’m a huge fan of glitter for this season! Since my base is very simple I allow myself to add glitter to my eyes. I use Urban Decay “Liquid Moondust” in the shade spacetime, a cold tone bronze shade that contains a bit of chunky-silver glitter, you can either smoke out the shade and have a subtle tint with glitter, or you can really pack on the color into your lids and wear it very pigmented.


D’un autre côté, vu que mon maquillage est léger niveau peau, je me permets d’ajouter des paillettes! En ce moment j’apprécie l’ombre en format crème de Urban Decay le “Liquid Moondust” dans le teint spacetime. C’est une couleur bronzé plutôt froide avec des paillettes argentées. Tu peux l’estomper pour un look plus simple ou vraiment la porter super pigmentée


For my eyelashes, I recently discover (thanks to Salomé) from Estée Lauder their limited edition “Crystal Lash Top Coat” as the name suggests it’s a top coat with holographic glitter that you can apply to your lashes, what I really like about this, is that you don’t see them all the time, you can only see them gently sparkling when the light hits in the right angle, so it’s really subtle.


Pour mes cils, j’ai découvert (grâce à Salomé, @im_ salome) le nouveau top coat de Estee Lauder, donc une mascara qu’on mets à la fin, pour bien évidement avoir des paillettes, ceux que j’aime bein c’est que les paillettes sont toute petites et fines, alors les vois juste de temps en temps, mais malheureusement c’est juste une édition limités.



This watch is very special to me, it was my mom’s very first Mother’s Day gift, almost 27 years ago (I have an older brother) it’s a Gucci bracelet watch,  you can change the “ring” around it, to multiple color options that come in the case. My mother told me that she was not using it, because she finds it is way too tiny comfortably read what time is it, so she prefers to give it to me instead of keeping it in a box. I can be very emotionally attached to things if they belong to someone I love, having my family far from me is difficult, so I like to keep them close to my heart by using something that belongs to them.


Cette montre a vraiment une place super importante pour moi, car il était le premier cadeaux à ma mère pour la fête de mères, il y 27 ans maintenant (j’ai un frère plus agé). Il s’agit d’une montre/bracelet Gucci auquele on peut échanger la monture pour une autre couleur. Ma mère ne le porte plus, car elle trouve qu’il est maintenant un peu difficile pour elle de lire confortablement l’heure, alors cette montre est pour moi super importante niveau sentimentale, l’effet d’avoir ma famille de l’autre côté du monde est difficile parfois et pouvoir avoir un morceaux d’eux est toujours agréable.


I got this candle a couple days ago at RITUALS, and I’m burning this candle almost every single evening, the smell is very “Christmassy” it belongs to their “Ritual of Anahata” collection, is one is the biggest size normally it should burn for around 55 hours, the description of the smell is quite challenging but I as I said it’s smells like Christmas ( warm, spicy, pine) I will link the page here, if you want to properly see all the details about this candle.

A cute detail that I didn’t discover when I first bought it, was that it has a quote on the back, and I thought it will make a nice decoration vase or holder once the candle is finished.


J’ai acheté cette bougie chez Rituals il y a quelque jours, et je l’allume presque tous le soirs, son parfum est très Noël, elle partient à leur collection Ritual of Anahata, qui est aussi un éphémère pour cette saison. Normalement elle doit tenir jusq’au 55 heures. L’odeur est difficile à décrire mais on peut apprécier une fragance chaude, épicée et du pin!

Dans le verso du vase il y a aussi une phrase et j’ai trové cool car une fois la bougie est fini on peut l’utiliser comme déco!


Sorry, this is my Mexican side that is coming out, if you have Netflix maybe you have seen this tittle, basically is a Mexican series about a small soccer team (the “Cuervos” in english “The Ravens”) in a small town “Nuevo Toledo” and all the stupid things the new owners of the soccer team are doing to manage the club. The humor and the language is something very typical to me, so of course, I enjoy watching this.

I’m currently in the 3 season, and I recommend this series to anyone that loves inappropriate jokes and have a chill humor.


Je suis desolée mais là, il y a mon côté mexicain qui sort… Si vous avez Netflix, peut- être que vous avez déjà aperçu cette affiche, elle est une série mexicaine qui parle d’un toute  petite équipe de futbol Les Corbeaux, dans un village un peu perdu Nuevo Toledo, ainsi que de toutes les bêtises et les aventures de nouveaux leaders du club.

je vous conseille de la regarder (avec soutitres) si vous aimez les comédies, les blagues innapropies et un humour plutôt chill.



Seen you soon guys!



Hello guys! Finally is Sunday and have a moment to write a post, it’s been almost 2 weeks since Katie and I went to Lutry to shoot this outfits.

I wanted to show very effortless outfits for those days when you can’t be bother to think, and at the same time they include pieces that you might already have! In this case a white t-shirt


Coucou! J’ai enfin un petit moment pour écrire ce post, ça fait genre 2 semaines que Katie et moi on est allées à Lutry pour faire ces photos, alors voilà j’espère que vous allez aimer

Pour ce petit lookbook je voulais vous montrer différents options pour quand on n’a pas le temps pour réfléchir à des tenues très élaborées, et au même temps c’est des pièces assez basiques, qu’on a déjà peut être dans nos armoires. Dans ce cas une t-shirt blanc toute simple.



When we first arrive to Lutry it was super cold, and my hand where frozen, so I couldn’t take off  my winter coat, but this is another way to show how versatile this look can be, and that you can adapt this look to the different seasons.


Quand on est arrivées à Lutry il faisait tellement froid! J’avais mes mains gelées et je ne pouvait pas enlever ma veste, néanmoins ça montre que cette combination peut s’adapter au différent périodes de l’année.

leather trouser/ faux pantalon en cuir : ZARA

white t-shirt / t-shirt blanc: PULL & BEAR

winter jacket / veste: ABERCROMBIE

scarf/shawl: LOUIS VUITTON

shoes: VANS



As the hours passed, the emperature was getting warmer so I was able to use my faux leather jacket from Zara, I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and I really have to make an effort to don’t use it every single day.


Après quelques heures la température est montée, et j’ai pu enfin mettre ma veste en faux cuir, cella j’ai acheté il y a quelques semaines à Zara et je dois faire des efforts énormes pour ne pas la mettre tous les jours.





This is a perfect outfit to stand out a statement pair of shoes, in this case I have this red botties, but it will work with any other pair.


Ce look est parfait quand on veut mettre en avant une pièce en particulière, dans ce cas le botines rouges, mais ça peut fonctionner avec n’importe quelle pièce pendant qu’on reste simple avec le reste de la tenue.



Lots of love & see you next week!